Healing Trauma Bonds - with Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein

Healing Trauma Bonds – with Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein

Have you noticed yourself emotionally caring for others while you swallow your own needs and desires?

Do you find yourself acting day after day as if you need to prove yourself worthy?

Or perhaps you have a hard time just being authentic with others, but you’re not sure why.

Different pressures can operate under the surface in your relationships, and can be frustrating, exhausting, or even demoralizing.

Most of us don’t realize that these pressures can (and do) develop quite naturally in the wake of being in a relationship that did you some harm—whether you were neglected or hurt by a parent, or abused by a person you trusted (emotionally or physically).

What if you could find a way to heal from the trauma that caused you to feel and act this way?

What if you could disentangle the effects of the past, so you could make more fulfilling relationship choices in the present and in the future?

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What You'll Learn During “Healing Trauma Bonds” with Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein

Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein, who has been working as a trauma therapist for more than 35 years, is joining Sounds True founder Tami Simon to shed some much-needed light on this phenomena, which is known as trauma bonding.

Dr. Rutstein will discuss how you can identify the effects of trauma bonding on you, and what you can do to begin to heal the patterning that relational trauma imprinted in your nervous system—even if it was decades ago.

Here's just a little bit of what they will share:

  • What a trauma bond is and how it forms in response to abuse or other interpersonal wounding
  • How trauma bonding gets stuck in our nervous systems and spreads into the ways we act in relationships and even how we choose our partners
  • Why trauma bonds create pressure inside us to prove our own goodness, rather than seek healthy, respectful relationships
  • How to overcome the shame caused by trauma, so we can create relationships that foster our safety, well-being, happiness, and a sense of our own true worth
  • How to make sense of why you feel attached to someone even if they’ve treated you badly (even to the point of abuse)
  • What you can do to break the cycle of toxic romantic partnerships and toxic patterns with bosses or coworkers
  • Ways you can protect yourself from those who contributed to your trauma
  • Methods to identify cyclical patterns of abuse in our extended families and communities

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Exploring Childhood Roots for Adult Trauma Bonding

A child’s life depends on their parents’ or caregivers’ acceptance and love.

But what happens if a child has to rely on someone who is easily upset, erratic, neglectful, or even abusive? The child interprets this situation to mean that they (and not the adult) need to somehow “make things right?”

This painful belief can mushroom into:

  • Frustrating relationship tendencies
  • Hypervigilance
  • People-pleasing
  • Over-explaining
  • Defending oneself unnecessarily

Some may even pick romantic partners who activate their childhood wounds, because their unconscious mind still wants to make things right.

If this was you – know you weren’t ”wrong” in the first place.

Developing these patterns, otherwise known as trauma bonding, is a natural way of protecting yourself when you’re young.

If you think trauma bonds are still in play behind the scenes in your relationships – whether with your partner, colleagues, or children – we invite you to join us for a free webinar with Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein, a trauma therapist with more than 35 years of experience.

They will be discussing what you can do to begin to heal the patterns it sets into motion, so you can become freer and more at ease in your relationships. You'll also better understand the attachment patterns created by repeated physical or emotional trauma that is followed by positive reinforcement.

Trauma bonds can be hard to spot (and even harder to break free from), so we hope you can join Jeffrey and Tami live for this insightful discussion.

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About Your Teacher – Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein

Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein is a clinical psychologist, an expert in the treatment of trauma, a certified Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic psychotherapist, and a meditation teacher who has been in private practice for over 35 years.

He has practiced meditation for over 50 years.

He has devoted his professional life to helping people reduce their suffering and struggle while empowering them to claim their strengths, their talents, and their unique abilities to live a more fulfilling and rich life.

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