Because of the high number of events that we publish, and the time required to publish each event across all of our media platforms, we currently are only able to publish events which either have paid a listing fee or have a proven and successful affiliate program.

If you have a successful affiliate program, please feel free to contact our Help Desk with relevant details, including commission rates, price points, and average and top EPCs/EPLs for your existing partners. Otherwise, keep reading to learn about our Premium Event Listing Service.

With your Premium Event Listing ($150), you get the following event features:

  1. A permanent post on this website linking to your free event.
  2. Listing on the Free Spiritual Growth Events Facebook page
  3. Cross-listing on our sister Facebook Pages (700,000+ combined fans)
  4. Solo email sent to our email subscriber list (1,900+ recently active subscribers)
  5. Inclusion in the free events Friday Weekly Digest email sent to our email subscriber list

After your payment is complete, we will contact you to get all the details for your event. You will be required to provide the following information about your event for it to go live:

  • Free Event Name
  • Date / Time (in Pacific time, since all events are listed as such)
  • Link to your free event page
  • Free event Description
  • A 1200×628 image we can use for the Facebook free event post.
  • A square 250×250 image we can include in the blog post.
  • Your company logo
  • Your speaker / presenter biography
  • Your speaker / presenter headshot (Size: 150×150 px – Format: jpg)

Important: We highly recommend you look at other free events on our page to see how they are written, the style of FB Event images, and event descriptions (especially benefits & bullet points). The more specific benefits your title can include, the more likely the FB algorithm will know who to put your event in front of. Please note that we cannot guarantee results from your listing.

Refund Policy: If for some reason, we don’t feel your event is a good fit for our audience, or we are unable to send a solo email before your event would take place, then we will give you a full refund.

Once your event is listed, we can make edits to it on your behalf; however, we will not issue any refunds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long until my event is listed on the website and Facebook?

  • Usually within 2 business days of receiving all of your event info. Often sooner.

How long until my solo email is sent?

  • Anytime between when we receive all of your event info and a few days before your event. We do try to send your event out sooner rather than later; however, due to the high number of events we publish we cannot give you an exact date.

After I pay, can I just send you the info instead of waiting?

  • Absolutely! Just reply to the PayPal receipt with all of the info above, and we'll get started as soon as we receive it.

How many people will attend my event because of this listing?

  • Candidly speaking, it varies widely depending on how:
    • Well targeted your event is to our audience
    • Well your event listing is written
    • Attention-grabbing and clear your banner graphic is (because that's what people see on Facebook).
  • We have seen some events generate as few as 10 visitors, while others have sent over 1,000. Trauma-related events usually get a much stronger response, as to events related to healing. Almost all of the Shift Network summits produce very positive results; whereas other summit publishers are hit-or-miss depending on the quality of their event and their ability to inspire attendees to make a purchase.
  • That said, generally you can expect to receive between 20 and 100 registrants to your event.

Will my event show up in the search engines?

  • Though we cannot guarantee that search engines will index your event, almost all events show up in Google search listings within 24 hours. It is extremely rare for an event to not show in the search engines.

Do you guarantee results?

  • We only provide a listing & distribution service for your event, and therefore cannot guarantee how many visitors, registrants, or sales your event produces. We want the best for you, as it is our mission to help spread good events worldwide. However, all results are outside of our control.

Do you give a discount on multiple events?

  • Yes, we are happy to work with you long-term. Please contact us directly for bulk discounts and let us know how many events you would like to purchase in advance.

Do you give a discount for recurring events, such as a weekly or monthly meditation class on zoom?

  • If your link & class info stays the same for each session, we can give you a significantly discounted rate if you commit to at least six months of event publication with us. Please contact us directly to discuss further.