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We're grateful to bring you the best free spiritual growth events from around the world!

Every program and event we offer is 100% free. This is made possible by our generous sponsors and our Patreon Supporters.

All you have to do is pick the events you want to attend, register, and make sure you're there on time!

You will *never* be required to purchase anything or pay a fee to attend the events we list.

Fortunately, many of the programs do have upgrade options or give you the opportunity to purchase “lifetime access.” These upgrade options are a great way to keep the teachings alive with you, to revisit them when you need them, and to go at your own pace (in case you miss a live session).

Though we recommend you purchase upgrades if possible, and they do help offset the costs of making these programs available for free, upgrades are never required nor expected. They are purely optional.

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