Threads of Destiny – A Poem About Seven Famous People Who Owned Their Future

In the tapestry of life, where futures entwine,
A symphony of souls, seven stars align.
Leonardo, the visionary with brush in hand,
Paints dreams of tomorrows across the land.

Barack, the orator, with words so wise,
Inspires hope, where equality lies.
Ronald, a leader, his voice a beacon,
Guiding nations with strength, never weaken.

Nelson, the symbol of resilience and grace,
Fights injustice, love etched on his face.
Amelia, the aviator, fearless and bold,
Defies limits, her spirit never sold.

Oprah, a voice that uplifts and empowers,
Embracing truth, igniting hearts like flowers.
Harriet, the conductor, of freedom's train,
Guiding souls through darkness, transcending pain.

In their stories, a lesson softly told,
To own one's future, a purpose to unfold.
Each faced obstacles, trials to overcome,
Yet found strength within, their spirits never undone.

They danced through doubts, with passion burning bright,
Harnessing courage, embracing the light.
With resolute hearts, they carved a path,
Creating legacies that would forever last.

For owning the future, a call to be heeded,
To seize destiny, unbridled and needed.
Let not fear bind, nor doubts confine,
For greatness lies within, an untamed shrine.

So, as these seven souls intertwine,
Their presence, an echo in the hands of time,
Remember their whispers, their voices so true,
To own your future, dear wanderer, is up to you.