(Inspirational Video) “Courage Doesn’t Always Roar”

Most people seem to think that a hero always rescues the princess, slays the dragon, or brings back buried treasure.

As a culture, we've been conditioned into the idea that a hero does things that the public sees and admires. Additionally, there is a prevailing yet detrimental thought that courage is something you can “get” or “build.” This very thought is what prevents people from experiencing themselves as truly courageous.

See, you already have the courage within you. It was there when you were a child, just like your other qualities, and it was suppressed or rejected by others, just like your other qualities.

The brilliance of this is that once you remove the emotional stories surrounding your courage, you become empowered to call forth your courageous self anytime, anywhere, as needed.

To be clear: The reason that you cannot build or get courage because you never lost it to begin with.

Now back to the hero theme…

If you're comparing yourself to some idea of what a hero “should” be, then that's your Inner Critic judging you and trying to keep you small and within its comfort zones. Your Inner Critic has an old, childish, outdated idea of what a hero is that is not representative of who you are today and the amazing life you deserve to live.

Rather than hold onto the cultural impressions we have about what a hero is, we are actually going to redefine what it means to be a hero…

Simple Truths: Courage Doesn't Always Roar from 123 Magic on Vimeo.