Limitless Labs – Free “Digital Einstein Pill” To Unlock Your Genius

Do you remember the movie Limitless?

In the film, Edward Morra (played by Bradley Cooper), takes a powerful research pill known as NZT-48…

And it suddenly unlocks the true potential of his brain.

Perfect recall. Surges in creativity. Incredible analytical skills. Productivity like never before.

His whole world upgrades… in MINUTES.

It's a fun story.

And even though no such “pill” actually exists…

Today's free gift is about the closest you'll ever get. 😉

Choose Your Free “Limitless” Audio Here

You get to choose from these six audios:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Make More Money
  3. Unlock Genius Brainpower
  4. More Energy
  5. Think Positively
  6. Master the Law of Attraction

The audio you choose is compliments of “Limitless Labs” which produces short 15-minute audios that help unlock the latent power of your mind. They call these audios “digital pills.”

Now really think about this for a moment…

Imagine if changing your life with an audio and a set of headphones…

Felt as easy as popping a pill?

Each audio uses multiple NLP techniques (not just one) to:

  • Naturally rewire your default thinking patterns
  • Help upgrade your world
  • And unlock your natural ability to create meaningful, powerful, lasting changes in your life.

Unlike the movie “Limitless” though, there's no side-effects or downsides to listening to these audios. Play once or as many times as you like for compound benefits. 🙂

Choose Your Free “Limitless” Audio Here

Free Limitless Labs Digital Pill Audio NLP Download

Frequently Asked Questions about “Limitless Labs”

What is the science behind “Limitless Labs” audios?

Each audio combines several cutting-edge NLP techniques to rapidly rewire your mind and bring about lasting change. NLP has been safely used and studied for decades to improve focus, self-esteem, enhanced learning, performance, reduce social anxiety, and even help people heal from phobias.

Are “Limitless Labs' NLP audios safe?

NLP is completely safe, and can be used by any adult. There’s no possibility of “overdosing” on an audio from Limitless Labs.

Who produces “Limitless Labs”?

Limitless Labs is produced by Inspire3, a science-based audio laboratory with a large range of audio programs to improve any area of your life. The voices on the audios are recorded by master NLP practitioners Julie-Ann Amos and Stuart Ashing.

Are “Limitless Labs” actual drugs with prescriptions?

No. They are audios that you listen to in less than 15 minutes. You can use them like a drug or prescription without any of the side-effects typically associated with pharmaceuticals.

How often should I listen to my “digital pill” audios from Limitless Labs?

It's recommended to listen every day for the first seven days, then on average once a week for “maintenance.” That said, you can even listen just one and see lasting benefits in your life.

How do I use the audio sessions from Limitless Labs?

To get started, first download your Limitless Lab audio MP3 file to your phone, computer, or another listening device.

Next, find a cozy and peaceful spot where you can have some uninterrupted time for about 15 minutes. Whenever you're ready, just hit that play button, sit back, and let yourself unwind. If you like, you can use headphones for an enhanced experience, but it's totally up to you. And if closing your eyes feels good, go ahead and do so.

As you begin listening to the audio, don't worry if you start to drift off or if the words become a bit fuzzy. It's all part of the intentional NLP experience. Just let your mind relax even further as the Limitless Lab audio continues to play until it's finished.

You might notice that something interesting is happening during the session, even if you're not exactly sure what it is at the moment.

Once the experience comes to an end, feel free to return to your normal activities. It's a good idea to give yourself a few minutes to fully transition back into your regular, awake state before diving back into your day.

Enjoy the journey!

What happens if the Limitless Lab digital pill / audio doesn't work for me?

You can rest easy because Limitless Labs comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you want a refund you can just contact their customer support and they'll care of it for you quickly and courteously.

What if I have more questions about Limitless Labs?

Just contact their support department through the Limitless Lab website. They'll be happy to help!

What Is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a psychotherapeutic tool developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California in the 1970s. It uses specialized language techniques to invisibly “reprogram” the brain and change entrenched thinking patterns.

NLP is accredited across the globe, and is used to treat phobias, depression, learning disorders, and more.

Each Limitless Labs audio combines several cutting-edge NLP techniques to rapidly rewire your mind and bring about lasting change.

Where do I get a free trial of “Limitless Labs”?

Easy! Click here to choose one of six different audios to listen to. Then if you like it, you can purchase more audios to improve any area of your life.

Do you have any coupons for Limitless Labs?

Yes. Click here to get 70% off their ‘Unlimited Money Magnet' digital pill.

Reviews & Testimonials for Limitless Labs

The following endorsements of Limitless Labs are from industry influencers, including our own SpiritualGrowthEvents.com founder, Chris Cade.

“This is wild! With the Adisolve-100 Energy Pill, I felt a quick and effortless change in my energy around a block to getting in shape. I started to feel free and light again! This ‘energetic' pill was something I felt deep in my core. This is truly fast, easy, and revolutionary!” Darius M. Barazandeh

“I can't recommend Limitless Labs enough. Listen to these digital pills and you'll soon see why. Everything becomes possible… more money, more happiness, more freedom, more growth. And it takes just 15 minutes or less. Working in the industry, I also know how advanced the NLP techniques being used here really are. Double thumbs up!”
Natalie Ledwell, author of “Never in Your Wildest Dreams” Co-founder of Mind Movies, and host of WakeUP! TV

“We're excited about Limitless Labs! It uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which we strongly endorse as a method for changing behavioral patterns to achieve specific goals. Use Limitless Labs to lose weight, gain confidence, and much more.”
Bert Heaton, Director of Learning Strategies

“These ‘digital pills' are a divinely simple yet powerful way to upgrade your life. Just put on your headphones, listen, and trust the process. Your future self will thank you for it!” – Chris Cade, Founder SpiritualGrowthEvents.com

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