The Struggle of the Butterfly – A Poem About Developing True Strength

This poem was inspired by the Butterfly Struggle Story:

Amidst the world of green and light,
A man beheld a wondrous sight,
A cocoon with promise of new life,
A butterfly, with wings of might.

He watched in awe as it did struggle,
Against the cocoon, a resilient bugle,
Fighting its way through a tiny hole,
The journey wrought with pain and trouble.

But soon the struggle reached a standstill,
And the man's heart, with pity, did fill,
With scissors, he sliced the cocoon's remains,
Unaware of the butterfly's future gains.

The butterfly emerged with ease,
But with a body that was not appeased,
Swollen and heavy, its wings but a sliver,
It crawled, but could not take to the river.

The man, confused, looked on with wonder,
Expecting wings to grow, to thunder,
And lift the butterfly into the sky,
To soar and to dance, to live and to fly.

But the butterfly could not take flight,
A victim of the man's well-intended plight,
Unaware of nature's balancing act,
Of struggle, of pain, and the ultimate impact.

For struggles are the crux of life,
Sharp as a blade, like a surgeon's knife,
But needed for our strength to grow,
And wings to unfurl, our spirit to glow.

Without the battles that we face,
We'd never reach our destined place,
To live in freedom, to learn to fly,
To soar beyond the limits of the sky.

So let us embrace the struggles we face,
And find our wings in life's wild race,
For it's in the challenge that we'll find,
The beauty of life, the limitless mind.