Discover the Somatic Enneagram: The Missing Piece to Personality Typing - With Marion Gilbert

Discover the Somatic Enneagram: The Missing Piece to Personality Typing

Learn how you can integrate and embody the Enneagram’s psychological wisdom through somatic movement — and experience a:

  • More open mind
  • Less defensive heart
  • More vital and resilient body

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What You'll Learn During “Discover the Somatic Enneagram”

You likely carry certain default patterns of behavior based on past survival mechanisms and responses to trauma.

What if you could…

  • Relax those automatic responses
  • Learn to feel when you’re in true danger
  • And ease many of the survival strategies that only seem to cause more stress in mind, body, and spirit?

The Enneagram, an ancient system illuminating nine primary personality types, sheds light on elements of your personality that you may not be aware of — including those parts that are easily triggered in challenging situations — and how your type has certain default behavioral patterns based on past trauma or survival needs.

According to Somatic Enneagram teacher Marion Gilbert, the Somatic Enneagram uses your body intelligence to relax the automatic reactivity of your Enneagram type patterns.

Through the Somatic Enneagram, you can calm those automatic reactions by tuning in to your body’s response to psychological stress, enabling you to discern more quickly whether you’re in true danger or not.

While the Enneagram is about defining behaviors, the Somatic Enneagram is about learning what drives those behaviors. For many, it’s the missing piece to their Enneagram work, as it helps them consciously recognize when their bodies are resorting to a default pattern.

The Difference Between Somatic Enneagram & Other Enneagram Approaches

The Greek word somatic not only relates to your body but also to your entire being. The Somatic Enneagram can help you discover the root of your attachment to and identification with a conditioned way of perceiving reality.

During this virtual healing workshop with Marion, you’ll learn how you can work with your body’s intelligence to uncover the unconscious reactions and behaviors of your specific Enneagram type — so that they’re not automatically activated and causing undue stress on your body.

Benefits of the Somatic Enneagram Approach

Marion will share how the Somatic Enneagram allows you to experience:

  • Increased emotional freedom
  • Expanded awareness
  • Unconditional love
  • More conscious responses to your life
  • Less stress & reactivity

She’ll also guide you through a brief full-body scan to help you understand the difference between how you feel about something and what you think about it, which also helps you tap into the unconscious part of your brain.

Class Topics for “Discover the Somatic Enneagram”

During this free online spiritual growth event, you’ll:

  • Learn about the 9 personality types of the Enneagram — and how your type affects your default behavioral patterns
  • Discover the Somatic Enneagram — a new way of looking at how you can better understand your personality through your body’s wisdom
  • Explore how to discern between regular somatic practices that don’t require conscious awareness and those that do require conscious awareness to build new connections in your brain
  • Create greater awareness of yourself in the present moment through the placement of your attention in various parts of your body
  • Experience a whole-body scan to help you discover where you hold on to memories that may be impacting how you move through the world today

Join us for this insightful hour and discover how to apply your body’s wisdom in conjunction with your personality type to experience a more open mind, a less defensive heart, and a more vital and resilient body…

Resulting in a greater capacity for receiving, knowing, and sensing.

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About Your Enneagram Teacher – Marion Gilbert

Marion Gilbert - HeadshotMarion Gilbert, RPT, who has been practicing physical therapy since 1978, is the owner of a well-established physical therapy practice and movement studio in Grass Valley, California. She has extensive training in Craniosacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release® and Trauma Resolution. She has been actively using the Enneagram professionally and personally since 2003.

She emphasizes understanding the role of the somatic lens of perception in facilitation of personal and spiritual transformation with the Enneagram. Her specific interest is in developing somatic awareness for reconciling 3-centered awareness, providing a platform for meditation, contemplation, and awakening practices. She has developed the Somatic Enneagram Certification Training and is teaching locally, nationally, and internationally. She is an adjunct faculty member of The Narrative Enneagram and an advisory board member of the Enneagram Prison Project.

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