Enneagram Global Summit 2022

Enneagram Global Summit 2022 – hosted by Jessica Dibb

What if you had a roadmap for understanding who you really are and what motivates the behaviors of the people around you?

What if you could leverage the individual revelations of the Enneagram to help heal broken bonds between others?

How would it feel to move from a fixed point of view to an expansive orientation towards your personal, professional, and community life?

The Enneagram contains many levels of wisdom. Understanding its potency in action can help you shift your center of gravity, and our collective consciousness, to address the multiple challenges — and opportunities for growth — of our time.

As you prepare to leave this calendar year behind and meditate upon your intentions for the future, a precious space is opening that could be used to activate your deepest potential.

Using the Enneagram, you can better comprehend your role in achieving greater peace, understanding, and collective cooperation.

In the Enneagram Global Summit, you’ll be given concrete tools for creating individual, relational, and social change.
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What You'll Learn During the 2022 Enneagram Global Summit

This high-level approach to applying the Enneagram will help you become more whole and present with yourself so you can become an agent of change:

  • You’ll discover how to embody the consciousness of the Enneagram — a complex and beautiful system of nine pathways to self-understanding and self-actualization — to help move collective consciousness away from marginalization and bias.
  • You can do the work of the Enneagram to reassess assumptions about race and age, for example, or gain inspiration from the ways it can be used to heal the soul of large institutions.
  • You can do more than embody the gifts of your type; you can heed a higher spiritual calling to help others embrace their true gifts alongside you.
  • You’ll be led along a higher path that helps you move beyond “othering” mode, and toward healing personal and collective trauma.
  • Soul-stirring, empowering sessions that delve into each of the 9 Enneagram personality types
  • How to strengthen relationships and deepen intimacy by understanding and consciously addressing your triggers, and those of others, so you can become less emotionally reactive, more compassionate, and deeply connected
  • Key strengths and blind spots for each Enneagram type, so you can maximize your own inner work in order to live a fulfilling, meaningful life with purpose, joy, and passion
  • How to free yourself from the “fixation” of your perceived reality, and awaken to experience higher states of fresh consciousness and non-dual reality
  • How to leverage the 9 Holy Ideas – perfection, will, law, origin, omniscience, faith, plan, truth, and love – as antidotes to egoic fixations that cause suffering
  • Concrete ways to apply the Enneagram in your own life and work to spark positive change locally, as well as globally

Each Enneagram Global Summit session is a journey — exploring the wounds and growth edges of each type, and offering invitations for wholeness and integration as we embrace the qualities of all nine points of the Enneagram.

The Enneagram Global Summit takes these ideas to a mastery level, with the largest assemblage of global Enneagram experts in the eight years we’ve been hosting these summits, across an array of types and areas of expertise.

These experts will be offering evolved solutions for moving humanity away from polarization, and toward presence, wisdom, love, and empathy.
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Why You Should Attend the 2022 Enneagram Global Summit

The Enneagram is visually represented as a nine-point diagram, with each point characterizing a distinct personality type.

But it’s so much more than that.

We all carry aspects of the nine personality types mapped out by the Enneagram within our psyches, so by increasing your expert knowledge of the types (and the ways they typically manifest) you’ll develop more understanding and compassion for others, as well as for yourself.

You can use the wisdom of the Enneagram to elevate your response to challenging people or situations, break destructive emotional patterns, and embrace love in new and radical ways.

Whether you’re just starting to explore everything the Enneagram has to offer, or you’re already a master practitioner of its profound teachings, the Enneagram Global Summit will unveil a universal roadmap to enlightenment if you’re ready, willing, and able to dive deeply into its sacred wisdom.

Satisfy your curiosity about the Enneagram while evolving your self-understanding and mastery. With this comprehensive, curated collection, you’ll receive the best nuggets of wisdom, all bundled into one powerful summit series encompassing eight years of wisdom teachings and daily practice.

By understanding the nuances of all nine types, you open yourself to building new neural pathways that allow you to move beyond ingrained responses and operate at a higher level of being.

This year’s Enneagram Global Summit takes these concepts to a new level of mastery, offering you an exclusive package of timeless, high-quality content, especially selected for you by beloved Shift faculty and Enneagram visionary Jessica Dibb.

You’ll hear from many seasoned teachers including Dr. Dan Siegel, Beatrice Chestnut, Chief Mike Alexander, Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer, Richard Rohr, Robert Holden, Cynthia Bourgeault, Deborah Egerton, Hameed Ali and more.

This year’s exciting event — a new-format series, offering over 75 of the most powerful sessions — has been lovingly curated across eight years of the Enneagram at Shift…

… and each day comes with fresh commentary from our master curator & passionate host, Jessica Dibb. This comprehensive journey was ultimately designed to guide you into heightened states of consciousness, so you can live from your essence instead of your personality.

Satisfy your curiosity about the Enneagram while evolving your self-understanding and mastery. With this comprehensive, curated collection, you’ll receive the best nuggets of wisdom, all bundled into one powerful summit series encompassing 8 years of wisdom teachings and daily practice.

Knowing your own personality type is just the start of your exploration into the mind-blowing revelations available through mastery of the Enneagram.

By discovering how to embody the power inherent within all nine differentiated types, you can deepen your own spiritual practice, release your core suffering, free yourself from the “fixation” of your perceived reality…


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Enneagram Global Summit 2022 Speaker Schedule

Day 1 – Principles, Roots & Teachings

  • Explore the science and wisdom behind each of the 9 Enneagram personality types
  • What “the Work” of the Enneagram means and its impact on yourself, your relationships, and our planet
  • A deep exploration on every Enneagram type, what motivates them, and how to leverage these insights for stronger, healthier connections

Speaker Topics:

  • An Overview of the Enneagram and Its Teachings with Jessica Dibb, Helen Palmer , Russ Hudson, Dr. David Daniels
  • Aliveness and Essential Power: The Journey for, of, and With Point 8 with Andrea Isaacs, Anne Geary, Emeka Okorafor
  • Peacefulness and Essential Unity: The Journey for, of, and With Point 9 with Peter O'Hanrahan, Rev. Nhien Vuong, J.D., M.Div., Sharon Roy Wallen
  • Alignment and Essential Goodness: The Point 1 Journey with Gayle Scott, Jerome Wagner, PhD, Stephanie Davis
  • Attunement and Essential Responsiveness: The Journey for, of, and With Point 2 with Heleniq Argyrou, Milton C. Stewart, MBA, Miranda Macpherson
  • Authenticity and Essential Glory: The Journey for, of, and With Point 3 with Renée Rosario, Tamer Zanaty, Vanessa Fernandez
  • Embracing the Mystery and Essential Beauty: The Journey for, of, and With Point 4 with Anne Geary, Danielle Fanfair, Enrique Mercadillo
  • Insight and Essential Clarity: The Journey for, of, and With Point 5 with Dr. Khaled ElSherbini, John Luckovich, Maria Jose Munita
  • Inner Guidance and Essential Wisdom: The Journey for, of, and With Point 6 with Dr. Sheila R. Jacobs, Hunter Mobley, Jessica Denise Dickson
  • Generative Vision and Essential Joy: The Journey for, of, and With Point 7 with John Luckovich, Sean Palmer, Viola Edward
  • Exploring “The Wings”: A Primary Distinction Within the Nine Enneagram Personality Types with Gayle Scott
  • Why the Enneagram? A World Renowned Psychiatrist Explores the Enneagram, Wholeness, and Awakening with Dr. Dan Siegel
  • The Real Work of the Enneagram Rooting the Enneagram in the Fourth Way Tradition with Russ Hudson
  • Temperament – How it Impacts Personality Type with Dr. David Daniels
  • Type Placement of Attention and Type Bias with Helen Palmer
  • Understanding of the Fixations as Key to Transformation with Dr. Claudio Naranjo
  • An Evolutionary Exploration of the Instinctual Drives & Subtypes with Beatrice Chestnut, Russ Hudson
  • The Alchemical Power of Subtypes with Beatrice Chestnut
  • The Virtues: The Alchemy of the Nine Awakened Heart Qualities with Russ Hudson
  • Everything Flows into Everything: The Dynamism of the Enneagram Energy for Self and Others with Jessica Dibb
  • The Enneagram and The Law of Three Bringing Skillful Means to a World in Impasse with Cynthia Bourgeault

Day 2– Inner Work for Personal Healing & Development

  • Pathways for growth through integrating the shadow sides of the instinctual subtypes
  • How using Internal Family Systems and the Enneagram can help you work through trauma and higher levels of integration
  • Discover the different talk styles of the 9 Enneagram Types, what they emphasize, and why so you can improve communication with loved ones

Speaker Topics:

  • The Depth and Breadth of the Enneagram and the Work: Part 1 — The Enneagram and Inner Work with Russ Hudson
  • Transforming Your Inner Critic Patterns with the Enneagram with Michael Naylor M.Ed, CCS, LADC, CPCC, Lynda Roberts
  • How to Grow Through Integrating the Shadow Sides of the Instinctual Subtypes with Beatrice Chestnut, Uranio Paes
  • Motivation to Change and the Enneagram with Tom Condon

Day 3 – Actualizing Love & Relatedness

  • How to free ourselves from unconsciously projecting patterns from our past onto others for healthier relationships and interactions
  • Nine spiritual practices on self-love that correspond to each of the nine points of the Enneagram
  • Explore how healthy relationships and sexual experiences can open you to the spiritual qualities in each Enneagram type

Speaker Topics:

  • Cultivating Unconditional Love and True Relatedness The 9 gifts of authentic love with Jessica Dibb
  • The Enneagram of, and for, Relationships with Jerome Wagner, PhD, Julia Foster M.A., Sean Palmer, Suzanne Dion

Day 4 – Cultivating Spiritual Growth & Awakening

  • Ways to deepen your spiritual connections, faith, and beliefs by tapping into the emotional gifts of your personality type
  • How religious leaders of different faiths are harnessing the Enneagram as a powerful tool for personal and spiritual growth, counseling, and ministering others
  • Enjoy a meditative journey to honor each Enneagram type, appreciate your unique offerings, and celebrate your gifts

Speaker Topics:

  • True Integration or Spiritual Bypass?: Towards Real Emergent Awakening, Part 1 & Part 2 with Russ Hudson, Cynthia Bourgeault, Sandra Maitri, Terry Saracino

Day 5 – Applications for Personal & Collective Conscious Living

  • How the Enneagram is being used as a powerful tool for global and societal change, including police reform, education, and anti-racism
  • Simple ways you can leverage the Enneagram to help the environment, care for animals, and bring the best out in your children and grandchildren
  • Go inside a prison to talk to and see how the incarcerated and staff are doing Enneagram work side-by-side

Speaker Topics:

A more comprehensive schedule is coming soon as more sessions are announced.

Enneagram Global Summit 2022 Highlighted Speaker Topics

  • Join Dr. Dan Siegel to explore the interfaces between temperament, behavior, unconscious patterns, “mindsight,” interpersonal neurobiology, and wholeness
  • Beatrice Chestnut will reveal the alchemical power of Enneagram subtypes and the 3 instinctual energies
  • Police Chief Mike Alexander will demonstrate how applying Enneagram principles to policing practices is healing officer and department behaviors that lead to larger mistakes
  • Experience a renewed search for the real self and awakened ways of living with Russ Hudson, who will convey the original purpose of the Enneagram and its applicability to life today
  • Revered Enneagram teacher and intuitive Helen Palmer offers riveting insight into the “vice-to-virtue conversion” with examples, including challenges in her own personal development
  • Fr. Richard Rohr shares how the Enneagram can broaden our experience of God and lead to true spiritual awakening
  • Robert Holden will highlight nine qualities of higher consciousness and nine different ways of opening to the Divine
  • Modern mystic Cynthia Bourgeault explains the “Law of Three” as a tool for enlightened conflict resolution in a polarized world
  • Deborah Egerton shares how the Enneagram is a powerful tool in the anti-racism movement for creating awareness, equity, healing, and cooperation
  • Explore with A.H. Almaas (Hameed Ali) how to increase your spiritual development by recognizing and addressing core fixations based on each key of the Enneagram
  • The world’s foremost Enneagram teachers will guide you to apply this profound tool to dramatically improve your relationships and be empowered to make your unique contributions to the world.
  • Join us to take your path of growth to the next level — by deepening your understanding of the patterns driving you… and the other Enneagram types you interact with.

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About Your Enneagram Global Summit Host – Jessica Dibb

Jessica Dibb - HeadshotJessica Dibb is founder, spiritual director, and principal teacher at Inspiration Consciousness School and Community, which is dedicated to promoting personal, relational, and planetary wellness. For over 25 years she has designed and facilitated workshops, classes, and ongoing breath-centered trainings that are grounded in an integrated model of psychospiritual healing and development to support self-actualization.

Jessica’s teachings assist people in cultivating consciousness through all stages of life. Using integrative breathwork, psychodynamic principles, movement, meditation, expressive modalities, the Enneagram, and many other established and emergent wisdom teachings, she facilitates embodied awareness of each moment.

Jessica has taught integrative breathwork at the Psychotherapy Networker Conference for over a decade, and has presented at the International Enneagram Conference for the past 20 years. She co-directs the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA), and is current chair of the GPBA’s Ethics Committee.

Jessica founded and hosts the annual Enneagram Global Summit, co-hosted the Breathwork Summit in 2012 and 2020, and was the weaver and visionary behind the innovative conference Breath Immersion: From Science to Samadhi, at Omega Institute and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Jessica, who initiated understanding of the “unified breath field,” is currently writing a book on integrating breathwork into psychotherapy.

Jessica is a founding board member of Convergence, a nonprofit organization working to promote dialogue and innovative solutions for challenging social issues of our time. She was an advisor to the U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project, and served on the board of the United States Consensus Council for Search for Common Ground. Jessica is also project liaison for the United Nations Emergency Peace Service Project.

Her deepest passion is to support evolving creativity and positive possibilities on our planet by supporting awakened consciousness, and the embodiment of love, wisdom, and presence in every moment… for all life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Enneagram Global Summit

How do I watch the Enneagram Global Summit?

Register here. Then watch your email each day for the link to the livestreaming video.

Will the Enneagram Global Summit videos be downloadable?

No. They will only be livestreamed during the summit.

What if the livestream is choppy or has other problems?

Pause the video for a full minute. Then un-pause the video. If your video completely freezes, try refreshing your browser. If neither of these solutions work, try closing and re-opening your browser or using a different browser.

Is the Enneagram Global Summit available with closed captioning?

Yes! Closed Captioning will be available on session recordings, which are typically posted within four hours after sessions initially air. Just hover your mouse over the video player to find the option.

Is the Enneagram Global Summit free to watch?

No. This is an exclusive never-before-done curated event. To learn more,  register here.

Who is hosting the Enneagram Global Summit?

This year's summit is being hosted by Jessica Dibb.

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