Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass

Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass – Hosted by Ocean Robbins

The Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass uncovers the four myths that are fueling the Alzheimer’s tsunami and ten brain health breakthroughs that could save millions of lives and trillions of dollars.

Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai teach their natural approach to prevention and how specific lifestyle changes can radically boost a brain’s performance while slashing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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What You'll Learn During the Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass

Prayer and meditation are known for their positive effects on the brain.

You might have already heard how these techniques can make you feel more calm, happy, and connected to your true purpose.

But did you know that foods can impact your brain as well?

Imagine how good life would be if you:

  • Always had the energy to do the meaningful things you love
  • Slept perfectly, all through the night, and woke up rested and ready for anything
  • Stayed in a good mood no matter what life brings
  • Didn’t worry about becoming a burden to your family due to declining brain health, Alzheimer’s disease, or stroke
  • Knew you were giving your brain what it needs to stay sharp so you can be of service

Many of the newest scientific findings have only been discovered in the last 10 years, and the research is overwhelmingly hopeful.

In fact, some of these breakthroughs are so powerful, they’ve been shown to reduce Alzheimer’s and other dementias by up to 90%.

If small shifts in what you eat and how you live could prevent dementia, just imagine how powerfully they can affect your day-to-day life starting now.

The best part? These brain health hacks are all-natural, easily available, and they’re mostly free. Of course, food from the store costs money, but these aren’t expensive superfoods. (Most are just a few dollars, and your brain loves them!)

You’ll discover the four brain health myths that could be keeping you from the vibrant connection and joy you want, along with ten brain breakthroughs.

We all want to live a peaceful and happy life well into our 80s, 90s, and beyond… So we can see our children grow, see our grandchildren grow, and make a difference in this world.

Please don’t miss out. Your loved ones and community need you at your very best, now and in the future.

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The High Costs of Ignoring Brain Health

If you’ve been wondering what you can do to feel smarter, have a better memory, and even prevent dementia as you age, this is for you.

Recent studies show that certain foods, combined with a few other activities can slash the risk of dementia by as much as 90%.

If these foods are powerful enough to prevent dementia later in life, just imagine what they can do for your brain performance today.

So, what are these brain health superfoods?

And how many of them are you eating now?

This brilliant Masterclass is hosted by two of the world’s top neurologists, Dr. Dean and Dr. Ayesha Sherzai, and my dear friend Ocean Robbins, bestselling author and CEO of Food Revolution Network.

You’ll learn:

  • The top foods to eat to boost brain power
  • One surprisingly simple exercise that’s shown to reduce Alzheimer’s risk by up to 40%
  • How to reduce inflammation in the brain (if you’re stressed, this is a MUST)
  • Which single food can delay cognitive aging by as much as 11 years
  • Why experts are changing their minds about whether or not coffee is a health food
  • The truth about the long-term damage of poor sleep — and 4 ways to improve it
  • And so much more

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The Relationship Between Brain Health and Sleep

A chronic lack of sleep can translate to things like fatigue, brain fog, and impaired memory.

When you sleep, you convert your experiences into long-term memories. If you don’t sleep well, the memories never get filed away properly, and over time, the memory processing centers are damaged.

But the good news is that there are some simple things you can do that can help.

During the Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass, you'll learn what you can do to fall asleep almost instantly every night and wake up feeling refreshed most mornings.

The Relationship Between Brain Fog and Brain Health

Has this ever happened to you?

You meet someone for the second or third time, and you know their face but can’t remember their name.

Or worse, you introduce yourself to someone, and they say, “We’ve met before.”

It’s so embarrassing, and you might be concerned that these increasing moments of forgetfulness are a sign that you’re headed towards permanent mental decline — maybe even to the point where you develop Alzheimer’s and need 24/7 care.

Most people have been led to believe that memory loss is just a normal part of getting older.

But not everyone experiences memory loss. I’m sure you’ve met people who are in their nineties and still sharp as a tack.

What’s their secret?

Is it a simple case of lucky genetics? Or is there anything you can do to sharpen your mind now and prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia?

Good news — the latest scientific discoveries reveal that there are simple, all-natural, quick, and free (or inexpensive) ways to protect your brain.

You won’t hear about these breakthroughs from pharmaceutical companies because the answer doesn’t come in a prescription pill.

And most doctors don’t have time to bring this up during your annual physical.

If you like healthy food, you’ll love this: Out of every diet plan that’s been studied, there’s only one that’s shown to slash Alzheimer’s risk by an incredible 53% and can add 7.5 years of healthy brain function to your life.

You'll learn all about it during the free Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass.

If you’re tired of dealing with brain fog, forgetting important information, or if you want to maximize your brain performance, it’s time to learn the natural, fun, and free things you can do to sharpen your mind and prevent dementia.

Old age doesn’t have to mean cognitive decline.

Simple shifts can radically increase your brain power, memory, focus, productivity, and even give you the quality sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

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The Relationship Between Brain Health and Memory Loss

Your brain weighs only three pounds, and it’s fundamental to everything you do.

Yet few people know how to care for their brains or how to keep memories from getting lost forever.

It’s not something you’ll learn at the doctor’s office. And since this information is so new, you didn’t learn it in high school health class, either.

You may be surprised to learn the #1 way to increase brain connections and preserve memories.

It takes just minutes a day…

It can contribute to staying in a good mood all day and sleeping easily at night while increasing your productivity…

This same activity can also help you lose weight.

These breakthroughs are all-natural, quick, and some of them will leave a giant smile on your face!

What’s more, these same tips could slash your risk of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 90%, even if you have a family history.

In the Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass, you’ll discover the most significant lifestyle factors when it comes to preserving memories, as well as:

  • A single vegetable that could halt mental decline by 11 years
  • The inexpensive superfood that can add up to 7 ½ years of healthy brain function
  • Which proven diet plan that can slash Alzheimer’s risk by 53%
  • A remarkably simple daily activity that can reduce dementia risk by 40%
  • The ultimate “brain spa” that doesn’t cost a penny, doesn’t require you to go anywhere, and keeps memories from being permanently deleted
  • And much more

You’ll discover the four most dangerous brain myths that devastate millions of families, emotionally and financially, every year.

(Alzheimer’s is the most expensive disease to treat, even more than cancer and heart disease.)

And you’ll learn 10 recent breakthroughs that can unlock your ultimate brain health potential for more productivity, as quickly as tomorrow.

Don’t wait to discover these breakthroughs for yourself. You could change the entire course of your life, or the life of a loved one, by watching the Masterclass today.

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The Relationship Between Brain Health and Optimal Leadership

One of the biggest traits you need as a leader is integrity. So what happens if you’re no longer able to do what you said you would?

The last thing you want is to let people down, miss key deadlines, or be the bottleneck because you can’t focus.

You rely on your brain. And others rely on your brain, too — many people. Yet few leaders are putting much thought into their brain health.

Instead, it’s a steady barrage of caffeine, adrenaline, sleep deprivation, and eating whatever is handy versus eating in a way that feeds your brain.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • What should I eat for maximum productivity? New scientific studies from the last few years are shattering everything we thought we knew about brain health. For example, it turns out that eating a few specific common foods can add up to 7 ½ years of healthy brain function. These include berries and greens.
  • How can I improve my sleep in a measurable way? You don’t need nine hours a night — IF you take certain steps to get quality sleep. Sleep is the ultimate “brain spa” that doesn’t cost a penny, doesn’t require you to go anywhere, and keeps your memories from being permanently deleted.
  • How much exercise do I need for maximum brain function? Exercise is one of the first things to slip when we get into crunch times. But your team will only function as well as you can lead them, and for that, you need just 30 minutes of daily movement. But do you know what kind of exercise leads to increased mental performance?

During the Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass, you’ll learn specific diet, sleep, and exercise strategies to dramatically improve the health of your brain.

These strategies are so powerful that even the AARP and the Alzheimer’s Association are starting to promote them.

Growing older doesn’t have to mean you’re headed for cognitive decline — even if you have dementia in your family.

Your mission is too important to be slowed by brain fog or forgetting important information.

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About Your Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass Hosts

The Masterclass is hosted by two of the world’s top neurologists, Drs. Dean and. Ayesha Sherzai, and Ocean Robbins, bestselling author and CEO of Food Revolution Network.

Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai left behind lucrative careers in pharmaceutical research to focus all their effort on finding THE solution to the Alzheimer’s tsunami.

As directors of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University Medical Center, their research has demonstrated that specific lifestyle changes can radically boost brain performance — and could slash your risk of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 90%.

About Dr. Dean Sherzai

Dean is co-director of the Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University, where he was previously the director of the Memory and Aging Center as well as director of research.

During his years at Loma Linda, a Blue Zone community where residents live measurably longer and healthier lives than any other region in the United States, he has been the lead scientist studying the effects of healthy living on cognitive aging.

Dean trained in neurology at Georgetown University School of Medicine and completed fellowships in neurodegenerative disease and dementia at the National Institutes of Health and UC San Diego. He also holds a PhD in health care leadership with a focus on community health, and a master’s in public health from Loma Linda University, where his research focused on the prevention of cognitive decline through lifestyle changes.

Dean has won several awards and published numerous scientific papers, including comprehensive reviews on nutrition and neurodegenerative disease and a recent meta-analysis of cognitive training and memory improvement.

And he’s Ayesha’s husband.

About Dr. Ayesha Sherzai

Ayesha is co-director of the Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University, where she leads the Lifestyle Program for the Prevention of Neurological Diseases.

She completed a dual training in preventative medicine and neurology at Loma Linda University, received a master’s degree in advanced research methodology from UC San Diego, and completed a fellowship in lifestyle and vascular brain diseases at Columbia University.

Ayesha has published more than a dozen scientific papers. And in 2015, she won the American Heart Association’s Trudy Bush Fellowship Award for Cardiovascular Disease Research in Women’s Health.

She is the lead researcher in the landmark study at Loma Linda that investigates the effects of comprehensive lifestyle intervention on individuals at risk for Alzheimer’s.

And she’s Dean’s wife.

About Your Host – Ocean Robbins

Ocean Robbins was born in a log cabin built by his parents and was raised on food they grew on the land together. He’s co-founder and CEO of the 600,000+ member Food Revolution Network, and his work has reached millions of people from 180+ nations.

Ocean’s mission has taken him all over the world, where he has seen first-hand the powerful impact of the food we eat — not just on our health, but on people and economies everywhere. He has served as an adjunct professor for Chapman University and is author of the national bestseller, 31-Day Food Revolution.

He can’t wait to share this Masterclass with you.

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