Free Conscious Business Events In 2023

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2023 Calendar of Free Online Conscious Business Event Listings

March 2023

How to Instantly Become a Leading Expert in Your Industry
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Living your mission is never easy. Making money while you live your mission is even more challenging. What if there was a way to make it a tad easier? What if you could partner with others who share your passion for helping and serving? Here’s the thing–there’s an art to it. And if you learn it, it can make all t , ...
How to Write And Publish Your Transformational Book In 90 Days
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
“Don't die with your music still inside you.” Wayne dyer always said this, and for good reason… Because most of us have a gift inside that wants, even needs, to come out into the world. For example, many people spend years or even entire lifetimes wanting to write a book… And they never do. The , ...

FAQ About Our Online Conscious Business Events, Classes, And Webinars

1: Do You Have Conscious Business Events Near Me In 2023?

Because all of our events are virtual, you never have to leave the comfort and safety of your own home to attend. Just choose the webinar, summit, or class you want to join from our conscious business calendar above, then click the registration link in the listing. The best part about not having to find conscious business classes near you is that you can attend our events from anywhere worldwide!

2: How Do You Decide Which Business Events to Include?

Though the terms “conscious” and “spiritual” mean different things to different people, there are some common elements.

We seek out and work with publishers, teachers, and experts who already live in alignment with conscious principles such as compassion, self-awareness, generosity, and making a difference in the world.

Their classes may or may not explicitly mention conscious / mindful / spiritual elements; however, more often than not, it will be integrated into their teachings.

For example, one of our favorite teachers never mentions spirituality in his free classes; yet he has been a practicing Buddhist for over four decades and integrates those principles into his programs.

3: What time zone are your events listed in?

All events are listed in Pacific. You can convert them to your local time using a quick Google search.

4: What Kinds Of Webinars & Classes Does Your Directory Offer?

Our events help you find support to create, grow, and love your business using conscious intention, compassion, and spiritual principles.

For example, we have everything from list building classes and paid advertising workshops to website creation classes, from copywriting classes and spiritual business summits to even business minset classes. We also include full conscious business conferences and online summits with dozens of amazing mindful business teachers, experts, speakers, and facilitators.

5: How Are Your Events Free?

Everything we offer is 100% free. No strings attached. This is made possible by the support of both our community (via Patreon), and by event attendees to choose to upgrade their experience. When they upgrade, the publisher gives us a referral commission as their way of thanking us for sharing that publisher's free conscious business event. These upgrades are always optional, so rest assured that you can always afford to attend our classes, workshops, and events that we list in our conscious business events directory.

6: Which Sponsors & Publishers Do You Share Events From?

We worth with many publishers from around the world. Some of them are more well-known, others are much less known, including individuals and small non-profit spiritual business event coordinators.

7: Do You Offer Free Business Consulting?

Many of our events, especially the summits & online spiritual conferences, have sessions where the featured teacher will actually coach attendees for free! This is a real gift, so make sure you attend any live events that feature a Q&A session. This is one of the many ways that our events calendar helps you get conscious business coaching online for free.

8: What If I Miss An Event That I really Wanted To Join?

Generally speaking, you'll be able to choose from a few options. The  spiritual business summits & conferences in our directory usually have a free replay period for 24-48 hours after each session. You can also purchase the upgrade options which usually include lifetime access to the event. Our classes, summits, and webinars often have a replay and/or encore option available… So make sure you register in advance of the conscious business event that you want to attend – that way you can be notified just as soon as the workshop / class replay is available!

9: Do You Offer Conscious Business Courses Online?

Though we primarily focus on events, you will find in our “On-Demand Events” section some conscious business courses which have a “Try Before You Buy” component. You can often participate for some or all of the course for free. Then if you want to continue your healing and keep lifetime access (or unlock the rest of the lessons), you can choose one of the upgrade options available to you.

10: What Exactly Is a "Conscious Business"?

A business built using conscious business principles is one that prioritizes any of the following: social responsibility, environmental sustainability, ethical practices, mindfulness, spirituality, or positive intention.

Such a business operates with the belief that it has a responsibility to contribute positively to society and the planet, beyond just making profits.

11: Who Can Attend?

We recommend all participants be at least 18 years old. This is not a requirement; just a recommendation. Though women tend to attend most of our conscious business events, because our audience is worldwide, we have plenty of attendees who identify with other genders.

12: Will You List My Free Event?

Generally speaking, yes! Click the “List Your Event” link at the bottom of the website to learn more and get pricing options.

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