When Meditation Doesn't Work - With Jeffrey Rutstein

When Meditation Doesn’t Work – How Your Nervous System Keeps You From Stillness

The image of the Buddha sitting on the ground in meditation is undeniably inspiring… but traditional meditation practice wasn’t designed with modern life in mind.

Millions of us embrace it to try to cultivate peace of mind, but we don’t often recognize the situations in which it is not the right fit for our current state.

Meditation wasn’t originally created with trauma sufferers in mind.

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What You'll Learn During “When Meditation Doesn't Work”

When we’re struggling with depression, finding our footing after a difficult breakup, or healing from a traumatic experience, we’re at a greater challenge to find stillness.

Research in the last few decades has expanded our understanding of the nervous system, creating various techniques to help us self-regulate and nurture greater balance.

Many researchers and clinicians are learning that meditation isn’t always the wisest choice for self-care.

Don’t throw away your meditation books, but be aware that meditation might not always be the best thing to do for yourself. For example, if you try to meditate for five minutes and your mind won’t stop racing, or if you start to feel overwhelmed or spacey on the cushion, these are signs from your nervous system that it may be dysregulated (through no fault of your own!).

The good news is there’s more research now than ever before on how the nervous system operates—and an array of practical tools that have been developed, which you can use to bring your nervous system back to a regulated state.

Sounds True founder Tami Simon will be joined by Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein, who’s a seasoned trauma expert and a meditation teacher, for a discussion that will help you discern when it’s more skillful not to meditate and what you can do at those times to nurture your well-being. With over 30 years of meditation experience, Dr. Rutstein can offer insights to help avoid techniques that can be triggering, harmful, or lead to shame.

Class Topics for “When Meditation Doesn't Work”

  • Situations where meditating is not a great choice for self-care, and what you can do instead
  • How meditation can make things worse for people who are dealing with trauma
  • The risks to know before taking a deep dive into meditation practice or going on a retreat
  • The neuroscientific research that informs how psychologists understand the human nervous system and how to regulate it successfully
  • Effective and evidence-based techniques that you can add to your tool kit to regulate yourself and bring balance into your life

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About Your Teacher – Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein

Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein is a clinical psychologist, an expert in the treatment of trauma, a certified Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic psychotherapist, and a meditation teacher who has been in private practice for over 35 years.

He has practiced meditation for over 50 years.

He has devoted his professional life to helping people reduce their suffering and struggle while empowering them to claim their strengths, their talents, and their unique abilities to live a more fulfilling and rich life.

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Jan 23 2023


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