Give Voice to Your Truth - Cultivate Healing & Access Your Inner Authority - With Chloe Goodchild

Give Voice to Your Truth – Cultivate Healing & Access Your Inner Authority

Imagine being able to fearlessly express your true self — using your voice as a healing force that transcends limitations and empowers you to live with greater purpose and passion.

Cultivating your vocal expression as a gateway to your sovereignty opens you to the true wisdom of your soul — what pioneering voice teacher Chloë Goodchild calls your inner music — and provides homeopathic medicine for your emotions and your spirit.

What You'll Learn During “Give Voice to Your Truth”

When you embrace your inner music, you awaken a new storehouse of energy and resilience from deep within, which inspires courage and helps you release fear, self-doubt, and other emotional challenges that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

During this joyful hour-long event filled with wisdom, self-discovery, vocal empowerment, and spiritual upliftment. With Chloe’s guidance, you’ll experience for yourself the exhilarating original inner music of your soul.

In this highly experiential event, you’ll:

  • Experience the essential power of intentional breathing, silence, and what Chloe describes as “the unchanging note” — awakening your awareness and gratitude for sound as the ground of consciousness and as a direct experience of your true nature
  • Strengthen your nonjudgmental listening and compassionate self-observation through self-inquiry practices, using your voice
  • Discover the power of sound affirmations to embody your full sovereignty, generate loving presence, and revitalize your body, mind, and soul
  • Unify your three power centers — My Will, Thy Will, That Will — through sound, and experience the shift from the egoic love of power to the heart-centered power of love
  • Activate healing and feel your interconnectedness and harmonic resonance with All That Is with Chloë’s anthem, “Singing Field”

As you release your attachment to what Chloë calls your “socially conditioned personality voice,” you’ll discover your sovereign voice and recognize yourself as an energy field that is vibrating with the frequencies of love — the impact of which is truly life-changing.

As you learn to access your soul’s wisdom through your sovereign voice, you’ll relish how embodied experiences of love and unconditional presence lead you to healthier and happier realms of coherence and harmony, nourishing you with self-acceptance and inner wisdom…

… and helping you transform fear into love, and separateness into deep connection.

You’ll also tap into your profound inner wisdom and unconditional love using the vocal techniques and sacred resonance of your authentic voice…

As you reconnect with the luminosity of your essence and bring healthier and happier states of coherence and harmony into your life.

About Your Teacher – Chloë Goodchild

Chloë Goodchild - HeadshotChloë Goodchild is the founder of The Naked Voice, a pioneering experiential vocal training program providing a sound-awareness toolkit of conscious core practices, music, audiobooks, and spoken and sung meditations that empower you to find and embody your authentic voice. She established the Naked Voice Charitable Foundation in 2004, an initiative to disseminate a deeper awareness of the essential role that deep, nonjudgmental listening and conscious communication play in strengthening ethical awareness, sound health, and wellbeing in all realms of human life.

Chloë’s seminal book, The Naked Voice: Transform Your Life Through the Power of Sound, invites you on a compelling adventure of self-discovery and creative fulfillment through a direct experience of your own authentic voice — the voice of your personal authority, the song of your soul, and your eternal identity.

Chloë sings, teaches, performs, and records on her Naked Voice Music label. Her podcast series,VOCE Dialogues: Voices of Compassionate Evolution, explores and reveals diverse examples of the transformative practice of compassion with innovators, artists, educators, and cultural activists.

Chloë and her trained Naked Voice Facilitators are now co-creating in-person and online Singing Fields — connecting and inspiring individuals and communities to co-create conscious compassionate communication. Her global Living Presence community provides a unique listening environment for people from all walks of life to find and express their truth together.

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May 06 2023


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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