Transform Your Fear Into Presence & Connection: With 4 Self-Empowering "Fear Melters" - With Dr. Katie Hendricks

Transform Your Fear Into Presence & Connection: With 4 Self-Empowering “Fear Melters” – With Dr. Katie Hendricks

Many of us have been in a constant state of fear for the past couple of years, with adrenaline becoming our main source of “energy” — and we may not even be aware of it.

This could be you… especially if you find that even mildly alarming situations are triggering an amplified fear response disproportionate to what’s actually happening.

Our fight-flight-freeze-faint response protects us in appropriate situations, such as escaping danger, but if it’s “switched on” all the time, it can become a danger to us. The elevated cortisol levels resulting from fear are linked to lower immune function, high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, and lower life expectancy.

The good news is that we can shift this trajectory with new ways of thinking and being.

During this virtual fear busting virtual healing event, body intelligence pioneer, author, and evolutionary catalyst Katie Hendricks, PhD, will share why — now more than ever — it’s so important to your health, relationships, and happiness to become aware of your body’s fear response and learn how to “repurpose” the heightened energy behind it to empower your mind, body, and spirit.

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What You'll Learn During This Free Online Overcoming Fear Workshop

  • Discover the “medicine of attention,” how awareness of how fear is triggered in your body, and how learning to repurpose its energy can shift every aspect of your life for the better
  • Learn 2 ways the body holds fear (fight and faint) and experience gentle somatic movements — which Katie calls Fear Melters — to release fear, cultivate presence and self-awareness, and feel more self-empowered
  • Discover the 4 fear signatures (fight, flee, freeze, and faint) and start to demystify your own unique fear signature
  • Learn a fear “Fast Aid” exercise that can help you release fear quickly in the moment
  • Learn what it means to befriend fear — and how deep engagement with this unsettling feeling can pave the way for an expanded view on life, deeper connection with yourself and others, and greater capacity to live a healthy, happy life

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The Benefits of Being More Present

When you’re more present with what’s happening within your body and around you, you can:

  • Make better decisions
  • Be more empathetic and connected in your relationships
  • Be more tapped into your creative side…
  • Become a better steward of your health
  • Help your nervous system maintain homeostasis so your immune system remains strong and working optimally.

The Benefits of Overcoming Your Fear

  • Expand your view of life
  • Increase acceptance and love of yourself and others
  • Amplify your capacity to be spontaneous, creative, and fulfilled
  • You can shift from a protective to a growth mindset.

…You’ll imagine living without fear as you learn practical, easy-to-access, mind-body practices to release it… and expand your view of life for greater presence, connection, and wellbeing.

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About Your Teacher – Dr. Katie Hendricks

Katie Hendricks, PhD, BC-DMT, an evolutionary catalyst, contextual disruptor, and freelance mentor, has been a pioneer in the field of body intelligence and conscious loving for 50 years. Her purpose, she says, is to “feel through to the heart with laser-love and evoke essence through deep play.”

Katie is the co-author of 12 books, including the bestselling Conscious Loving… At The Speed of Life… and Conscious Loving Ever After: How to Create Thriving Relationships at Midlife and Beyond. Passionate about the power of embodied integrity and full-spectrum presence, her work explores the how of consciousness — and the structures and practices that befriend and transform fear into presence, relational authenticity, and resonant collaboration.

She specializes in translating concepts such as commitment into directly felt experiences that lead to new choices and creative engagement. Her unique coaching and leadership programs have generated hundreds of body intelligence and relationship coaches in the U.S. and Europe. She developed and led the unique Leadership and Transformation Training for 30 years, and is currently joining with her community through the Foundation for Conscious Living to create the Big Leap Online Programs. These online videos are designed to support people in coming home to presence, restoring resourcefulness, and creating caring communities.

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