Explore Your Shamanically Guided Dream Print

Explore Your Shamanically Guided Dream Print

Did you know that your dream style is as unique as your fingerprint? Every night, when you close your eyes, you enter a world that is entirely your own.

According to John Lockley, a fully initiated sangoma (or shaman) in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa, becoming aware of HOW you dream (and the unique way your soul sends you messages) can help you realize profound possibilities you never imagined.

During this free online Shamanic healing workshop, John will share with you how engaging with your dreams in a more shamanic way can enhance various aspects of your life, potentially improving emotional, psychological, and physical health, and even resolving certain illnesses. This increased awareness can also clarify your life’s purpose and fulfillment.

Why Attend “Explore Your Shamanically Guided Dream Print”

For centuries, spiritual seekers have turned to the ancient shamanic practice of understanding dreams to cultivate powerful internal wisdom, providing a sense of spiritual connection and the inner guidance we all long for. Even in our busy modern world, a daily dream appreciation practice can help you access this space of insight, comfort, and enlightenment within yourself.

John shares that our dreams communicate in metaphors, symbols, and sensations, representing our inner DNA. As you learn the language of your dreams, you can start uncovering the true nature of your soul and its connections to the world, both seen and unseen.

Explore Your Shamanically Guided Dream PrintIt was through several prophetic dreams that he was called into and began initiation in the Sangoma tradition, and he helps us understand how to recognize these “big dreams” that play an initiatory role in our own life..

Understanding your own dream language can also help you gain a better understanding of your ancestry, the natural world around you and even help you reclaim your past.

Class Topics for “Explore Your Shamanically Guided Dream Print”

John is going to guide you to explore your unique “dream print,” enhancing your discernment and esteem as you better identify and embrace your personal path and calling.

Here's what else you'll experience during your free class:

  • Discover your unique dream print, enhancing your spiritual self-esteem as you begin identifying and embracing your personal path and calling
  • Explore the varied landscapes of your dreams, whether they be deserts, mountains, seas, forests, or something else entirely, understanding these visions as reflections of your inner DNA and a way to reconnect with your ancestry and cultural heritage
  • Learn the language of dreaming, shifting from analyzing to appreciating dreams as metaphoric expressions, much like experiencing a painting, allowing you to feel their emotional and spiritual layers rather than dissecting their meaning
  • Appreciate the circular, timeless nature of dreaming, which helps you surrender to the flow of life and accept your place in the universe with greater peace and presence
  • Engage your senses to sharpen the focus of your dreams, tuning in to which senses are activated to bring clarity and vividness to your dream experiences

About John Lockley

John Lockley is one of the first white men in recent history to become a fully initiated sangoma (traditional African shaman) in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa. He was born in 1971 into a divided apartheid South Africa, with the mark of the sangoma on his face — a band of white birth skin around the eyes.

At 18, John was serving in the South African army as a medic when he had a strong, prophetic dream calling him to train as a Xhosa sangoma. He immediately began to suffer from the thwasa, a severe period of ill health that is inherent in all ancient shamanic cultures and which can only be cured through apprenticeship to a shamanic teacher.

Because of the restrictions of apartheid (which ended in 1994), it would take John seven years to find a Xhosa teacher. During the early days of his calling he trained as a Zen student under renowned Zen Master Su Bong, completing an intensive 3-month Kyol Che in a Buddhist monastery in South Korea. He was then invited by Zen Master Dae Soen Sa Nim to join his “monk army,” but the strength of his sangoma calling drew him back to South Africa.

Eventually, post-apartheid, John met MaMngwevu, a well-known Xhosa sangoma medicine woman, in one of the poorest townships in South Africa. She had foreseen his arrival in a dream and began his 10-year apprenticeship, giving him the initiated name Cingolweendaba, meaning messenger or connector between people and cultures.

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