Overcoming Toxic Relationships & Gaslighting Masterclass 2023

Overcoming Toxic Relationships & Gaslighting Masterclass 2023

During the “Overcoming Toxic Relationships & Gaslighting Masterclass,” you'll get expert support that is specifically designed to help you:

  • Heal your relationship trauma
  • Break free from toxicity
  • And experience the respect, love & healthy relationships you deserve!

Why Attend The 2023 “Overcoming Toxic Relationships & Gaslighting Masterclass”

Have you or are you currently suffering in a toxic relationship?

Signs of Toxic Relationships might include:

  • Emotional abuse & blackmail
  • Verbal abuse (belittling, blaming, bullying, shaming, raging)
  • Manipulation & controlling behavior
  • Social isolation & creating mistrust for those outside the relationship
  • Physical or digital privacy invasion
  • Exploitation, objectification, withholding, neglect & more

How about from the devastating impacts of gaslighting?

Signs that someone is Gaslighting you might include:

  • Denial of your recollection of events
  • Refusal to consider your point of view
  • Calling you “crazy” or “overly sensitive” when you voice concerns
  • Twisting what happened to shift the blame to you

If so, perhaps you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, insecurity, low self-worth, shame, confusion, self-doubt, post-traumatic stress, cognitive impairment, difficulty sleeping, headaches, trust issues and more.

If any of this rings true for you, know that you’re not alone.

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, more than 43 million women and 38 million men will experience mental or emotional abuse by an intimate partner.

And…help is available during the “Overcoming Toxic Relationships & Gaslighting Masterclass”

What You'll Learn During the “Overcoming Toxic Relationships & Gaslighting Masterclass” 2023

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn from over 30 relationship experts, psychologists, best-selling authors & more:

  • Toxic Relationship Red Flags: Learn the warning signs whether with a romantic partner, parent, child, neighbor, boss, colleague & more
  • Relationship Trauma Freedom: Learn methods and practices to release your toxic trauma and free yourself once and for all
  • Understanding The Chemistry of Attraction and triggers within toxic relationships
  • Creating Your Trauma Healing Toolkit: Understand the importance of cultivating self-esteem, self-trust and how to break trauma bonds
  • The Gaslighting Effect: Understand how gaslighting impacts children, adults & society and what can be done to uncover the truth & learn to trust your instincts again
  • How Emotional Manipulation traps survivors during and after Toxic Relationships & how to set yourself free
  • Unveiling the Missing Steps of Setting Boundaries & how to set yourself free
  • Heal Your Relationship with Self Through Breathwork as a Pathway Out of Toxic Relationships
  • How to rewire your brain if you were raised by toxic or narcissistic parents
  • When and how to set boundaries to strengthen the self & experience the rewards of putting your needs first
  • How your nervous system plays into maintaining toxic patterns & how to rebuild hope & resilience after being abandoned
  • Why survivors of childhood trauma often end up in toxic relationships & how you can break free
  • How to learn to trust yourself again after Gaslighting, set better boundaries & so much more!

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