Discover the Path of the Mystical Medium

Discover the Path of the Mystical Medium

Do you crave more fulfillment in your daily life, longing for a deeper connection to your purpose?

Medium and author of Til Death Don’t Us Part, Karen Frances McCarthy, MA CSNU, shares that great mystics such as Rumi, Hildegard Von Bingen, and Meister Eckhart, expressed that living spiritual lives is the way we can engage more deeply with the world and see beyond our superficial reality to the magical essence that underpins our existence.

During this free online spiritual workshop, Karen will share with you the transformative power of practicing mystical mediumship, which gives you enhanced access to mystical truths and teachers.

Why Attend “Discover the Path of the Mystical Medium”

Originally a political journalist and skeptic of psychic phenomena, Karen’s path took an unexpected turn following the tragic death of her fiancé, who died suddenly. After his death, he began to communicate with her from the afterlife, which opened her to the reality of life beyond death.

Discover the Path of the Mystical Medium - Karen Frances McCarthyDriven by this profound encounter, Karen sought to make sense of her experiences through the study of Spiritualism and mediumship. She trained rigorously as a medium at The Arthur Findlay College, embracing her newfound sensitivity to spirit communication, and gradually transitioned from her career in journalism to focus fully on spiritual teaching and mediumship.

She’s called to offer others the healing and comforting affirmation of life’s continuity beyond the physical world. Through her work, she aims to bridge the gap between the material and the spiritual, providing peace and understanding to those grappling with loss.

Class Topics for “Discover the Path of the Mystical Medium”

During this illuminating hour, you’ll see how embracing the path of the mystic can help you establish a deeper connection with the universe, fostering a sense of belonging and inner peace, and reducing feelings of anxiety and isolation in these challenging times.

Here's just a little bit of what you'll explore:

  • Discover how to live in a more magical, inspired, mystical space to begin seeing the magic and mystery in everyday life, just as the great transcendental mystics and poets did
  • Learn to trust and access your inner spirit, moving through life more intuitively and with fewer obstacles, letting life flow like water around you
  • Embrace the present moment, free from guilt, regret, or anxiety, and learn how to stay centered and calm regardless of what’s around the corner
  • Experience “The Cayce Ideal” for a profound connection to everything around you, feeling a deep sense of belonging and realizing that you are never truly alone, and you can always find the answers you seek

She’ll also guide you through a meditation designed to connect you with the Source and help you experience “The Cayce Ideal” (based on the famed healer, Edgar Cayce) to discover what you need in the present moment.

This practice is intended to help you feel an immediate and profound sense of peace and spiritual connection, which you can revisit anytime you need to center yourself, align with your higher purpose, and find answers to your questions.

About Your Teacher – Karen Frances McCarthy

Using the immense power of mediumship to heal the heart, Karen Frances McCarthy, MA CSNU, a progressive Irish medium and the author of Till Death Don’t Us Part, strives to provide comfort in times of need. She blends the Celtic mysticism of her upbringing with the loving-kindness of her Buddhist practice to bring messages of joy, healing, and support from loved ones in spirit form. She offers healing mediumship and soul readings to restore harmony and wellbeing to body, mind, and spirit.

An advocate of the ethical practice and healing potential of mediumship, Karen underwent years of intensive training at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College in England. She holds three Certificates of Recognition in mediumship, spiritual healing, and public speaking from its governing body, the Spiritualist National Union.

Karen teaches at the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, the Edgar Cayce Center, Humanity’s Team, and One Spirit Learning Alliance. She also offers talks and classes with the Global Afterlife Group in Australia. She is currently a doctoral candidate, researching twenty-first-century ghost literature at the prestigious Russell Group University of Birmingham in the UK.

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Jun 15 2024


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