5 Phrases to Help Your Clients Make Powerful Breakthroughs - Margaret Lynch Raniere

How to Get Your Clients Unstuck, Motivated, and into Action

Have you ever tried to help someone make a positive change in their life but you feel like you are up against some invisible wall that you can’t quite… put your finger on?

It can be frustrating to watch them repeat the same self-sabotaging mistakes over and over again while it seems like THEY don’t see it (or won’t admit to it) .

The simple fact is, most people don’t even realize that they are resisting change – especially when they think, “I just need to ask more questions, get more clarity, learn more things, research more strategies…”

So no matter how much they want the transformation, you can’t motivate them to break through this invisible wall unless you understand how to compassionately reveal and break through their resistance.

Though that can be difficult to accomplish, it doesn't have to be.

What You'll Learn During “How to Get Your Clients Unstuck, Motivated, and into Action”

Sometimes your clients will get stuck – resist change, hold themselves back, self-sabotage, or just play small…

…and that’s okay so long as you know how to help them break through that resistance. Otherwise, they’ll stay stuck for weeks… months… even years!

Imagine if you had a superpower that could instantly dissolve your client's internal resistance to change – and get them taking real action toward their goals.

How much more effective and unstoppable would that make you?

And just think how thrilled your clients will be …both with you AND with their investment! (Hello, rave referrals!)

No more feeling powerless when clients hit roadblocks or stall in their progress. With this superpower, you’ll help your clients break through their internal barriers and achieve their goals faster and more effectively than ever. And they’ll be excited to continue working with you!

During “How to Get Your Clients Unstuck, Motivated, and into Action,” you’ll discover the:

  • 4 keys to understanding why people get stuck (and why it's almost never for the reason they think)
  • Motivation Breakthrough Map that shows you where and how people get stuck
  • 5 layers of resistance your client must break through to re-energize and sustain their motivation..
  • 5 Breakthrough Codes – simple phrases that give you the power to unblock resistance and facilitate profound transformations
  • Simple way to think like a mind reader and get anyone un-stuck (whether they’re avoiding getting started, or failing to follow through)
  • Secret to helping even super-stuck clients overcome their past so they don’t let “but I failed before…” stop them from succeeding

Knowing how to get people past their resistance and into action is like having a superpower.

Once you absorb what Margaret shares in this training, you’ll understand exactly what keeps people from taking action and making real changes in their lives – and, more importantly, how YOU can help them move forward.

Why Attend the “How to Get Your Clients Unstuck, Motivated, and into Action” Training

It can be very frustrating to watch people who are full of potential get trapped in cycles of avoidance, procrastination, self-sabotage, or simply “playing small”…

And even if you have all the knowledge and skills to help your clients, if they’re stuck on the inside then their progress can be slow or non-existent.

When you’ve tried everything to motivate someone into meaningful action…

…and nothing’s worked…

…that’s a sure sign of internal resistance and self-sabotage.

The person you’re trying to help wants to “get there” and accomplish their goals.

But they usually don’t realize that they ALSO have a hidden agenda – a fear, just under the surface, about leaving their comfort zone and how “risky” that might be.

When you are up against a hidden inner fear… it can be a real challenge to get them past their resistance and into action.

During “5 Phrases to a Powerfu Breakthrough” you'll learn about the “map” that shows exactly where they’re stuck under the surface – and a set of magic words that would get them moving forward?

It sounds like something from a fairytale, but Margaret Lynch Raniere has created just that: a powerful map and 5 breakthrough phrases that can unblock and amaze even the most stuck, skeptical or resistant people.

She has literally cracked the code for getting people out of procrastination, avoidance, and self-sabotage. And she's offered to share her knowledge with us for free!

Why Clients Start Strong But Then Self-Sabotage

Has this ever happened to you…?

You’re trying to help a client get the actual results they signed up for, but after a strong start, it starts to seem as if they don’t WANT to accomplish their goals!

They come to sessions and dodge the issue by talking a lot, asking for more strategies, or coming up with their own theories on what they need to get going.

And then… they start canceling sessions or not showing up… often right around session 3 or 4.

It can seem illogical and mysterious – they hired you to help them reach their goals, so why would they sabotage their own ability to make progress?

The answer is simple: the plans and progress you are helping them make have triggered their “fight, flight, or freeze” reflex.

So all logical thinking on their part has shut down, and now they’re reacting unconsciously instead of acting.

Luckily for your client, there are proven ways to move beyond those “mysterious reactions”, unlock their passion and enthusiasm, and get back on track toward their goals.

Free Gifts for Attendees

When you register for the webinar, Margaret will also give you immediate access to several extra resources:

Gift #1: Printable “Motivation Breakthrough Map”

The Motivation Breakthrough Map is a “how-to” summary on achieving real breakthroughs. It goes far beyond “encouraging words” and surface level “mindset shifts” – and allows you to see exactly what’s going on beneath the surface.

Each layer illuminates another level where people tend to get stuck – and reveals the root of self-sabotaging behavior (like procrastination, avoidance, freezing, etc.)… and how to “break through” each one to tap into TRUE HEALING & MOTIVATION.

You’ll also receive the complete printable version of Margaret’s Motivation Breakthrough Map when you attend live. That way, you can refer to it again and again as you work with your clients. Keep it close and they’ll be blown away by your powers of transformation!

Gift #2: “Getting Unstuck” Video Training Series

This video training goes into a detailed explanations of the “layers” that people must break through in order to shift from procrastination and self-sabotage into true healing and motivation.

Gift #3: 5 Case-Study Handouts that reveal the “symptoms” of each layer

These will take you on a deep-dive into each layer of the Motivation Breakthrough Map

Gift #4: Additional handouts, expert tips, and surprise bonuses

The above bonuses you get just for registering. Then, when you attend the live webinar training you'll get more handouts, expert tips, and surprise bonuses.

About Margaret Lynch Raniere

Margaret Lynch Raniere - HeadshotMargaret Lynch Raniere – also known as “The Money Tapping Expert” – is a renowned coach trainer and best-selling author of two 5-Star Rated Books:

  1. Unblocked: A Revolutionary Approach to Tapping into Your Chakra Empowerment Energy to Reclaim Your Passion, Joy, and Confidence
  2. Tapping into Wealth: How Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Can Help You Clear the Path to Making More Money…

A trained engineer, Margaret left a successful corporate career to follow her calling to help others. Over the past 15 years, she’s masterfully combined her coaching and engineering skills to create a groundbreaking system to train highly effective coaches to run a successful business.

Margaret has gained wide recognition for her cutting-edge work integrating clinically proven energy-psychology techniques that leverage her expertise in EFT, Chakra work, and her revolutionary Coaching Frameworks.

For the last decade, she’s been an ongoing featured speaker at the “Tapping World Summit” and helped thousands of coaches, therapists, and everyday people from around the globe through her coaching programs. trainings, live events, and books.

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