Igniting Your Introvert Confidence - With Lorraine Ellen Scott

Ignite Your Introvert Confidence Journey

The Ignite Your Introvert Confidence 5-Day Journey is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches
  • And healers

Who want to feel more confident in how they show up in their business without depleting their energy so they can thrive while helping their clients.

This free online journey is hosted by Lorraine Ellen Scott, Introvert Mentor and Intuitive Energy Healer.

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What You'll Learn During “Ignite Your Introvert Confidence”

There’s way more to being introverted than meets the eye, even though the focus is usually on being quiet or shy.

During the Ignite Your Introvert Confidence Journey, you'll find comfort in knowing that you can succeed as an introvert.

Lorraine has been a holistic wellness practitioner for over 20 years. She’s a Reiki Master Teacher, meditation & mindset mentor. As an introvert, she uses a variety of methods to maintain her energy while growing her healing practice and online business. So, she’s familiar with the challenges that introverts face!

During this 5-day journey, she’s sharing simple ways to address emotional and mental energy. You’ll get tools to help sustain your confidence so you can thrive in your business all day long.

Lorraine knows it takes a lot of communicating and networking to get your message out to the world. So it’s going to take some extra TLC for introverts to harness their confidence in doing just that!

If you’re ready to…

  • Have the stamina to get through the day so you can grow your business
  • Feel confident speaking with others without being awkward
  • Be inspired to share your talents and help those you're meant to
  • Find your tribe of likeminded people so you can shine alongside them
  • Connect with joint venture partners to expand your reach

Why Participate In the “Ignite Your Introvert Confidence Journey”

The best way to thrive in business is to connect and network. However, if you’re an introvert you may need to shift the way that you show up so that your spark doesn’t fizzle out after just one meeting. It also takes more than a bit of courage to push into the next level of success

You need the confidence to show up authentically and the stamina to endure busy days. Even better is that it is actually possible for you to enjoy and thrive by connecting with others when you know how to do it as an introvert.

The time is ripe for growing your business by being seen as a confident expert… and you don't have to let any more opportunities pass by because you haven't been able to break through the discomfort of being introverted.

Benefit of Participating in the “Ignite Your Confidence Journey”

When you apply what you'll learn during the journey, you become empowered to:

  • Let go of being solo in the world of entrepreneurs so that you can have a bigger impact
  • Trust yourself and know when to push and when to rest so you can ride that energy wave
  • Show up consistently so you have even greater success
  • Release doubt and discomfort in growing your business
  • Honor who you are (because nobody else has your secret sauce)
  • Give yourself plenty of space to rest (so your energy recovers in ways that work for you)
  • Shift your energy to truly thrive as an introvert
  • Have the vitality to get through the day
  • Feel confident speaking with others
  • Be inspired to share your talents
  • Find your tribe of likeminded people
  • Connect with promotional & joint venture partners who want to support your important transformational work

Just imagine flipping the switch on your past…

Remember when you'd have a room full of people watching you, whether online or in person, and it felt intimidating?

This journey is going to help you dial your inner game in, so that next time you won't even bat an eye. You'll forget the past times feeling self-conscious and/or having the words frozen because this time it'll be different… this time, you'll have the tools to thrive confidently as the powerful introvert you are.

3 Things You'll Learn During the “Ignite Your Confidence” Journey
  1. The number one thing to manage your energy
  2. How to build resilience to stress
  3. How to direct a conversation without feeling awkward

Who The “Ignite Your Introvert Confidence” Journey Is For

As an introvert, being successful can feel at odds with who you feel and how your energy flows. Fortunately, the good news that couldn't be further from the truth. You are meant for more.

With a few tweaks in how you manage your energy you will feel empowered to trust your inner superpower!

Don’t let another opportunity pass because of your introverted discomfort. The time is ripe for growing your business as a confident expert.

If you're a person who:

  • Easily gets drained after meetings
  • Is interrupted because you take too long to speak
  • Overthinks and worries about upcoming events
  • Finds it difficult to connect with others
  • Has a phobia about networking

Then this journey will show you how to fuel your energy in the ways that work for you, as an introvert…

So that you have everything you need to thrive!

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How The “Igniting Your Introvert Confidence” Journey Works

(1) Quick Daily Video

Less than 20 minutes per day. Video drops in the morning. Watch at your leisure.

(2) Action Assignment

Easily implement the daily lessons. Get support in the private Facebook Community.

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A Message From Your Host – Lorraine Ellen Scott

Lorraine Ellen Scott - HeadshotHey there, I’m Lorraine Ellen Scott. Fellow introvert. Former hidden gem.

As a certified Reiki Master Teacher, EFT coach, Crystal healer and Meditation coach I’ve helped hundreds of people uncover their inner healer and rejoice in their new-found courage to live fully despite life's challenges.

I decided to step up, be brave, and pivot my business.

Like, literally starting from scratch! Again.

Today, I work with introverted entrepreneurs who, like me, have a burning desire to help others but aren’t sure how to get out of their own way.

Together we bust through the limiting beliefs, and mental & emotional blocks that are slowly sucking the life out of them and their business.

I’m newly separated, working through personal loss and other life challenges. (Who isn’t?) So I know the struggle and distraction that comes with navigating a business.

The sweat-inducing activities required to get noticed, and be okay in the limelight can be paralyzing!

Good thing I have a whole slew of tools that have helped me go from lurking off-camera to playing full out as my superpowered amazing self! (Any idea how hard I worked to feel comfortable enough to put that down here?!)

And you can too. Yes… the ol’ adage: If I can do it, so can you!

So join me, won’t you?

Let’s reinvent what it means to be an introvert!

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