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Traumatized Woman Crying and Being Offered HealingDo you ever feel like you're just “not enough”?

Do you struggle with self-doubt and wonder if you're doing the right things in life?

If so, just know that you're not alone -and- there is a simple, effective, and free way to let go of those feelings: Tapping, also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.

The truth is, you absolutely ARE enough exactly as you are…

You might just not feel & believe it (yet).

If you're ready to transform your inner confidence and sense of self worth…

Then this challenge is about change everything for you, and it's free!

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How the “You Are Enough” 2022 Challenge Works

Step 1: Sign Up For the Challenge & Download the Free App

The challenge is delivered through our Tapping Solution App, which is free to download and features hundreds of Tapping Meditations. During this challenge, we’ll be focusing on just ONE tapping meditation that you’ll repeat each day.

Step 2: Tap With the “You Are Enough” Tapping Meditation Each Day

For 8 days commit to spending 16 minutes Tapping along to the “You Are Enough” Tapping Meditation in the App. You can do it anywhere, at any time, just from your phone.

Step 3: Transform Your Inner Confidence and Self Worth!

If you've never heard of or done Tapping before, you'll be amazed with the results you can achieve in just a short time period! Get ready to tap and transform!

What You Get When You Join the 2022 “You Are Enough Challenge”

When You Join the “You Are Enough” Challenge Right Now You'll Get:

  • Challenge Access: Access to the Tapping Solution App and the “You Are Enough” Tapping Meditation, along with over 50 other free Tapping Meditations in the App.
  • Facebook Community Access: Access to Our Private Facebook Community Created Exclusively for the You Are Enough Challenge
  • Prize Eligibility: You'll Be Eligible to Win Amazing Prizes including a $1,000 USD Cash prize.

“You Are Enough Challenge” Prizes

  • 1st Place: One, randomly selected ‘winner’ will receive a $1,000 USD CASH prize and a lifetime premium membership to our app ($399 USD value).
  • 2nd Place: One, randomly selected ‘winner' will receive lifetime premium membership ($399 USD value) to the app and a $500 USD credit to be used in our store.
  • 3rd Place: Two, randomly selected ‘winners' will receive lifetime premium membership to the app ($399 USD value)
  • Daily Prizes: We'll also be giving away daily prizes within the Facebook Community!

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The Primary Goal of the “You Are Enough Challenge”

The point of this challenge is to forgive ourselves, to do our best, and to reprogram these old patterns, which means there’s no doing this “right” or “perfect”. If life gets busy, or you miss a day of the challenge, or even learned about it on day 5, jump on in now.

It's always amazing how easily we can quit doing something because we failed once, or missed a day, or messed it up, or didn't do it perfectly.

But the reality is… so what? We ALL make mistakes and always will. If you want to be happier, healthier, wealthier and all that good stuff, learning to just let go of those little failures will make all the difference for you.

The Overarching Theme of the “You Are Enough Challenge”

The challenge theme is, “Wow!” Meaning, time and again people from around the world were surprised about the things that came up during the Tapping Meditation.

Healing old wounds, finding meaning in the past, understanding themselves better than ever before…

And part of the beauty of this process, of doing the same 16-minute Tapping Meditation for 8 days, is how it all unfolds…

How your subconscious mind begins to open up, let go, and feel safe…

How your body begins to open up, let go, and feel safe.

Next Steps After Completing the “You Are Enough Challenge”

If you liked the challenge, and want to continue experiencing positive changes in other parts of your life, then be sure to dig around the Tapping Solution App more because there's a special post-challenge series of meditations to help you do exactly that.

It's called the “You Are Enough: Go Deeper” series, and here's what's included:

  • Day 1: You Are Enough: Go Deeper – Financial Abundance
  • Day 2: You Are Enough: Go Deeper – Loving and Healing Your Body
  • Day 3: You Are Enough: Go Deeper – Healing Relationships
  • Day 4: You Are Enough: Go Deeper – Cultivating Courage and Inner Strength
  • Day 5: You Are Enough: Go Deeper – Cultivating Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace

Watch The “You Are Enough Challenge” Unofficial Trailer

People like Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins all endorse tapping / EFT. In this unofficial trailer video for the You Are Enough Challenge, you'll see, in their own words, their endorsements of this powerful healing modality.

What Is Tapping / EFT?

Girl Practicing EFT TappingTapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), is a powerful holistic healing technique that resolves a range of issues.

It's based on the combined principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

The basic Tapping technique requires you to focus on a negative emotion at hand.

This can be a fear, a worry, a bad memory, or any unresolved problem. You do this while maintaining your mental focus on this issue.

Then you use your fingertips to tap 5-7 times on 9 specific meridian points of the body.

Tapping on these meridian endpoints, while addressing the root cause of distress, sends a calming signal to the brain.

This allows you to feel relaxed and in control.

With the You Are Enough Challenge, you'll be following along with just one, simple and powerful 16 minute Tapping Meditation each day. All you have to do is open the app, press play, and tap along!

3 Key Benefits of Tapping / EFT

Benefit #1: Tapping Regulates the Nervous System, Which Strengthens the Immune System

Tapping puts the body back into the parasympathetic (relaxation) nervous system response. This allows the immune system, digestive system, reproductive system and endocrine system to function as it should.

Benefit #2: Tapping Calms the Brain and Boosts Brainpower

Have you ever noticed that you get great ideas when you're in the shower? Want to know why? It's because your amygdala was calm and you were accessing the full resources of your brain. Luckily research shows that when we Tap we send a calming signal to the amygdala of the brain, letting it know it's safe to relax!

Benefit #3: Tapping Eliminates Stress and Anxiety

Above all, Tapping reduces stress and anxiety, allowing us to simply feel better every day. This leads us to do better at work, lose weight more easily, boost our immune system so our health improves, improve relationships, improve our confidence… essentially ALL the areas of our life are lifted!

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Scientific Studies on the Benefits of EFT / Tapping

Study #1: EFT Lowers Stress Hormones

EFT Tapping Lowers the Stress Hormone Cortisol by 43%
A landmark study published in 2012 in the prestigious Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, found that EFT Tapping lowered cortisol significantly more than traditional talk therapy or resting.

In this study, participants were split into three groups and cortisol, often know as the stress hormone, was measured.

After treatment, the control group, which had been reading magazines, showed an increase in 2% in cortisol. The 2nd group, the psychoeducation group, cortisol decreased by 19% after 1 hour of treatment. In the 3rd group, the Tapping group, cortisol decreased by 43% after 1 hour of treatment! More than twice the speed of the 2nd group!

Study #2: EFT Reduces Food Cravings and fMRI Scans Show Changes in the Brain

In this study 15 obese adults in total; 10 were allocated to an EFT Tapping treatment, and 5 to a control group (where they received no intervention for their cravings). They were all scanned using fMRI before and after a four-week EFT Tapping treatment phase.

Study #3: EFT Positively Influences Gene Expression in 72 Genes

In a small pilot study on the physiological effect of EFT Tapping, genetic expression changed in numerous genes implicated in overall health. Generally, immunity genes were up-regulated while inflammation genes were down-regulated.

Study #4: Test Anxiety in High School Students Reduced Significantly After EFT Tapping

In a large study, American researchers examined 312 high school students and identified 70 of them with high-level test anxiety using the Test Anxiety Inventory. They randomly assigned these 70 students to a control group that received progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) techniques or to an experimental group that received EFT Tapping treatment.

Study #5: EFT Tapping is Shown to Be a Fast, Long-Lasting Treatment for Anxiety

76% of Patients Treated with EFT Experienced Complete Remission & Brain Scans Confirm Changes. The brain scans show a shift toward normal levels of brain activity in patients treated with acupoint (EFT). The images shift from red (highly dysfunctional waves) to blue (calmer state), and this corresponded with a decrease in the frequency and intensity of anxiety symptoms.

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What Do Doctors, Psychologists, Speakers, Authors and Other Experts Say About EFT Tapping?

“Tapping is a breakthrough, research backed technique that I’ve used in my life and seen people around the world get incredible results with. The Tapping Solution App is an easy and powerful way to get started.” ~ Tony Robbins, #1 NY Times best-selling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 life and business strategist

“Tapping is easily accessible and works instantly for fat loss, improving self-image and becoming your very best self” ~JJ Virgin, New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Virgin Diet

“Tapping is one of the most directed and powerful ways to peel away those layers of chronic stress.” ~ Dr. Mark Hyman, 10 Times New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Tapping is a powerful tool I use in my personal and professional work.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant Host of “Iyanla Fix My Life” on the OWN Network and Author of Get Over It

“Put away your skepticism. This really works. I've had great results with Tapping in my own life.” ~ Wayne Dyer New York Times Best-Selling Author of Wishes Fulfilled

“I use Tapping on a regular basis and have personally benefited from this powerful method. It's one of the most important practices in my healing arsenal.” ~ Kris Carr, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Don't let another day go by feeling like you're not enough…

Join the free “You Are Enough” 8-day challenge and discover how just 8 days of EFT tapping can transform your life from the inside-out.

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A Message From Nick Ortner – Your “You Are Enough Challenge” Host

Nick Ortner - HeadshotI'm Nick Ortner, New York Times Best-Selling Author of “The Tapping Solution” and when I saw the above Facebook post last year in one of our groups I was simply amazed! All I could think was…


Myra Nichols listened and tapped along to the “You Are Enough” tapping meditation in our Tapping Solution App for 8 straight days and it transformed her at a DEEP level.

When I read this, it got me thinking, how many other amazing people are there out there who could transform their inner confidence and self worth with this simple process?

And thus the “You Are Enough” Challenge was born! We first ran this challenge in July 2020 and had over 75,000 participants with amazing results! So we've ran it again in April 2021 and saw such tremendous results that we've decided to do it for a third time!

If you're ready to transform your inner confidence and sense of self worth then I am so excited that YOU are here today because this challenge is about change everything for you.

We're now over two years into the pandemic and so many of us are still clinging to the loss of our “old lives.” We're still missing the friends, events, and interactions that we used to enjoy, many of which have disappeared.

But this is the perfect example of how we sometimes make life harder by holding onto what was, instead of embracing what is. When we welcome new challenges and a new existence, our perception of the whole world shifts in a positive light.

That’s one of the many reasons I’m encouraging you to participate in our FREE, 8-day “You Are EnoughChallenge.

It’s the reminder we all need, each day, to let go of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, and to show up as our best selves.

Are you ready to stop holding yourself back and to step forward into your highest self?

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