Access Guru Consciousness to Transform Trauma into Peace, Wisdom, and Enhanced Intuition

Access Guru Consciousness to Transform Trauma into Peace, Wisdom, and Enhanced Intuition

Explore Guru Consciousness - with Cyndi DaleLearn how to activate specific brain states to transform stuck trauma into peace and wisdom — so you can achieve your guru state by accessing your own inner spiritual planes, intuitive abilities, and ever greater depths of spirit and soul.

Do you long for deep healing, yet can’t seem to clear your most challenging traumas, no matter how hard you try?

Do you feel deep within your bones that yours was not meant to be an ordinary life, and you yearn to live in greater alignment with your true inner self?

Perhaps you’ve experienced a profound yet fleeing sense of spiritual oneness — and you want to regain that pure, perfect connection to All That Is.

Cyndi Dale, one of the world’s foremost intuitive energy healers, teaches that all of our trauma resides in our lesser-known infra-low brain waves. Thankfully, there are two very high brain waves (hyper-gamma and lambda) that, when activated, can reach these stress-filled lower waves, and heal your deepest pain and suffering.

Research has shown that when you actualize these two higher waves, you can reach the guru state that is your birthright— and live peacefully, spiritually, and powerfully.

In this powerful masterclass, Cyndi will reveal how to activate these brain waves for profound healing, higher awareness, and greater spiritual flow. She’ll explain the science behind the hyper-gamma and lambda brain waves, as well as the infra-low brain wave.

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What You’ll Learn During “Guru Consciousness” With Cyndi Dale

She’ll walk you through the five steps needed to awaken these brain waves for yourself, invite them to create a higher-level consciousness in your physical and subtle anatomies, and apply them to “clean” your infra-low brain waves.

This lowest brain wave actually shifts and transforms into what is called the epsilon brain wave, which invites you to re-enter your life from a more complete, healed perspective.

You’ll learn to do more than just touch the hem of the Divine. You’ll learn how to live, breathe, and be enveloped in what Cyndi calls the cloth of the Divine — as you release deep levels of stuck trauma that prevent you from living a life of greater meaning and purpose.

As Cyndi affirms, we are all equal within divinity — you have the same capacity for living in the guru state as everyone else. She’ll share how you can reach your own adept-level status for living your most peaceful, guided life.

The Four Pathways / Levels of Reality

You’ll learn the skills you need to give and receive love as a healer, mentor, and visionary on the four pathways — four levels of reality upon which you exist all the time:

  1. The Elemental Pathway is recognized as your material reality, created by the fundamentals of our everyday physical world. Here, you can catalyze profound transformation by addressing feelings and thoughts; applying colors, sound, and shapes; working on a molecular level — and making real-life, everyday choices that align with your most authentic self so you can manifest your best life.
  2. The Power Pathway is where you make big, quick, decisive changes, overcoming issues that might not budge on the elemental, material pathway. Supernatural forces and large energies exist on this level, and engaging with them with minimal effort can produce significant change.
  3. The Imaginal Pathway is the level of reality where mystical and shamanic phenomena reside. Here, you can access other worlds and dimensions, past lives, and soul-based energy bodies and use them to heal the past, access concurrent realities, and create the present and future you desire.
  4. The Divine Pathway is all about love and spiritual unification. It’s a state of being, a profound knowing of universal oneness, through which you can access angelic allies and life-altering energy bodies. On this level of reality, dis-ease is understood simply as a way to meet a need. When you decide to meet the need in a positive rather than negative way, healing and manifestation can happen.

Awakening the master-level brain waves, and streaming them through your most significant place of pain — the infra-low brain wave — can immediately help you experience all four layers of reality. Each of these pathways can empower you to access and live in harmony with your truest self.

“Guru Consciousness” Class Topics

  • How to access your God Spot, the inner space that allows you to instantly link to the cellular and spiritual realities of the Divine — and receive loving healing and energizing guidance
  • How to activate your absolute scalar waves through a simple practice called Spirit-to-Spirit, which calls in the energies you need to create optimum transformation anywhere, at any time
  • How to reach the guru state through the full embodiment of the hyper-gamma brain waves that can make you happier, clearer, more enlivened, and better able to enjoy each day while in a flow of renewal and light
  • How to link lambda and epsilon brain waves (the level of your highest, most enlightened self) with infra-low brain waves (the level that holds deep trauma and stuck energy) — so love can become real and your greatest destiny can unfold
  • How to infuse the higher lambda state throughout your body, mind, and soul — so you can walk through life in purpose, giving and caring to self and others at all times

If you’re longing to be free of the dis-ease, limitations, and darkness in your life and ready to undertake a rich, loving self-healing process… If you want to acquire a thorough understanding of your spiritual purpose and gifts… If you’re feeling called to evolve into the most effective energy healing practitioner you can be, for yourself and others, this four-pathway approach is an exceptional doorway into vast, exponential, and sustainable evolution on all vital levels — both personal and professional.

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Learn About Becoming a Certified Energy Healer

When you attend this illuminating event, you’ll also be among the first to hear about Cyndi’s upcoming year-long energy healing certification program, which will feature the four pathways of reality that empower you in magical, mystical, and masterful ways.

You’ll explore her comprehensive energy healing practice that blends modern, ancient, practical, and esoteric approaches — so you can heal yourself and others.

This consciousness-altering certification program will take place within a loving supporting environment so you can harmoniously integrate everything you learn into your daily life.

Personal Benefits of the Year-Long Certification Program with Cyndi Dale

  • Gain insights into your true nature and character
  • Discover and address deep-seated traumas that are keeping you stuck and unable to move forward in at least one area of your life
  • Become able to discern the difference betwe en your own energies and those of others so you’re not tasked with the work of clearing emotions, attitudes, or traumas that don’t belong to you
  • Look clearly at the impact your history has really had on you so you can make better decisions about how to move forward
  • Be held in a container of support and love so you can safely examine what you’ve gone through and take the time needed to clean and clear it
  • Deeply examine the issues and questions you seldom get to address in most circles, such as the role of light and dark in your desires, behaviors, and challenges
  • Formulate a complete understanding of your intuitive gifts and aptitudes, so you can accurately assess your position in life, identify what you came into this life to do, and establish achievable dreams
  • Access inner and spiritual guidance for making all of your decisions, large and small
  • Explore life-long concepts and techniques that will enable you to show up as your most authentic self
  • Make heart-based, life-long connections with your community of co-participants
  • Practice techniques to enhance other self-enrichment processes you’re already exploring.

Professional Benefits of the Year-Long Certification Program

  • Establish better protocols and more success for your professional undertakings, whether you’re a healer or in any other profession
  • Release trauma that may be in the way of your achieving personal, career, and financial goals
  • Easily maintain energetic and psychological boundaries in the world of work
  • Make practical professional choices that will sustain you throughout life
  • Achieve balance, resilience, and optimal fortitude
  • Fully comprehend the role of various sources of energy and information
  • Release long-time bindings and attachments that may have been inhibiting or controlling you without your knowledge
  • Delve into the sources of your most persistent challenges so you can endeavor to fulfill your destiny
  • Cultivate your place in the world, no matter where you’ve been or are coming from

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About Your Energy Healing Teacher – Cyndi Dale

Cyndi Dale HeadshotCyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, intuitive healer, and business consultant. Her groundbreaking books on chakras and intuition include The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy… Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illness… Energy Wellness for Your Pet… Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras… and Awaken Clairvoyant Energy.

Cyndi, who’s been a natural intuitive since she was young, works worldwide as an intuitive coach and energy healer, serving thousands of individuals seeking to make healthy and positive changes in their lives. She is passionate about helping people open their “essential energy” — the powers and perspectives unique to them — and believes that once an individual understands their own essence, they can tap into the energies of and beyond the world.

Seeking to unify the world’s most vital spiritual messages to encourage understanding and community among all peoples, Cyndi has presented seminars and workshops in Russia, England, Wales, Amsterdam, and Scotland, and has led groups across South and Central America and Africa. Her training, which encompasses shamanism and healing, has taken her to the Peruvian, Belizean, Hawaiian, and Costa Rican jungles, the Moroccan sands, the Venezuelan savannahs, and the glaciers of Iceland.

A Video Invitation from Cyndi Dale

Testimonials for Cyndi Dale

“Cyndi Dale is a natural intuitive who teaches, coaches, and advises people with the intention of supporting them as they move toward positive change and healing.” — Alanis Morissette

“Cyndi Dale has accomplished something that I haven’t yet seen done by any other author for this genre. She masterfully presents a very personable, understandable, and comprehensive exploration of the science and practice of energy medicine from ancient times through now. This is one of the most understandable explanations of how energy medicine therapies work that I have ever read.” ― Cynthia Hutchison

“Cyndi Dale is clearly the 21st-century expert on energy medicine; she takes the reader to the leading edge of this emerging, exciting field with her brilliant insight and intuition. This is the perfect encyclopedic guide to harnessing the energetic wisdom of both ancient and modern traditions in a hands-on way.” ― Deanna Minich

“Spiritual scholar Dale offers a comprehensive guide for practitioners of energy healing. There’s a cornucopia of healing modalities and practices… ranging from Eastern and Western medicine to field-based healing and bodywork… This work will be a go-to guide for anyone considering energy healing as a vocation or avocation.” ― Publishers Weekly

A Personal Message from Cyndi Dale: Her Journey as a Healer

As a little girl, I had a single goal: I wanted to grow up to be Mary Poppins. I couldn’t think of anything better than to fly into others’ lives with a kit bag of potions to make the “medicine go down” better.

In a way, I’ve achieved at least the spirit of that dream. Well, I can’t fly and I don’t have a talking umbrella. And the magic? I’ve found that it’s actually much more mundane than miraculous, but it’s the basis of a calling that many in The Shift Network community share.

I’ve worked with over 70,000 students and clients over the years, but I didn’t first set onto my life path to be a healer. I was much more self-oriented than that. I simply wanted to figure myself out.

As a child, I could hear ghosts. I felt others’ feelings in my own body. I could see colors around others, and figured out what they meant. If my mom was red, I knew she was angry. If my dad was a bright yellow, he was happy. A dull yellow? Oh dear.

I thought I was normal. Go figure! My family just thought I was daydreaming. During my teen years, I was apt to agree with them. What teenager wants to be strange? The more I doubted my intuition, the more unhappy I became. It wasn’t until I saw a therapist at age 20 that I had a label for my “daydreaming.”

“Maybe you’re not only (fill in the blanks: codependent, obsessive-compulsive, etc.), but you’re also psychic,” said my counselor.

A label! I had a term for the voices I heard in the night and the snapshots that flooded my mind’s eye. What could I discover about this way of being?

I was fortunate enough to fall into a class about chakras and healing. I heard about the group word-of-mouth. At that time, ideas like “chakras” and “psychism” were pretty much a one-way ticket to Crazy Town. We met secretly in the basement of a Bed and Breakfast, and I gained more definitions to fill in my personality blanks. There’s nothing like explanations to lower your sense of oddity.

Several odysseys to Iceland revealed to Cyndi the ability of land to teach and heal. More than half of Icelanders believe in invisible elves, but Cyndi found the natural rocks, glaciers, and greenery of Iceland to speak every more clearly. She’d only have to touch a part of the land to intuitively sense its history and the energies it could provide for transformation.

I was also lucky in that I traveled a great deal with my husband of the time to cultures around the world. Within luscious jungles and dry deserts, high mountaintops and winding cities, I met Indigenous healers and shamans. I eventually undertook these journeys on my own, to include places like the cold glaciers of Iceland. What a concept. The gifts of healing were to be respected, not hidden away.

Emboldened by my foreign experiences, I decided to become an intuitive and a healer. Well, actually, a voice said, “Be a healer,” and I obeyed. Looking back, I have to admit that I glamorized the undertaking. I’d finally be extraordinary — like Mary Poppins!

Ah, but the magic of being a healer doesn’t lie in the extraordinary. It starts and stops with the ordinary.

I was clued into that actuality years ago, when studying with a shaman in the Amazonian basin. We’d conduct ceremony at midnight in the dark, searching for the spirit of all-things. A bit egotistically, I was hoping that these journeys would activate my superpowers. How much I could help people then, right?

We wore white clothes. Most of us associate white with purity, so I assumed our garb was ceremonial. Little did I expect the real reason for our ritual color.

Over several journeys to Morocco, Cyndi soaked up ancient wisdom from Berber healers. At one point, she met with a Berber shaman in the middle of the Sahara, who showed her the various ways he listened to the wind and drew mosaic-like shapes over his patients to bring about healing. Yet another revealed the use of charms to cure disease, while his wife showed the herbs she employed to help with the great and small. And always, there were camels to ride and desert campsites to sleep in.

“It’s easier to find you if you wander off in the dark,” laughed the shaman one day.

I became suspicious. Perhaps that act of being a healer wasn’t quite as overly mystical as I hoped.

So, I asked:

“Why are you a healer?”

His answer came quickly.

“Because of the village,” he shared. “I help the villagers to help themselves, so the village can become stronger.” He added, “A sound village makes every villager better.”

When I think upon it, I realize that my most effective interactions as a healer haven’t been filled with displays of fanfare or fireworks.

There was the mother married to an abusive husband. She longed to leave, especially for the sake of their son. However, she didn’t believe she was a good enough person to leave him, because she smoked. Neither did her priest sanction a divorce.

How did I assist her? I shared the message that popped into my mind.

“Next time you smoke, sit on the front steps outside, and light a cigarette for yourself and one for God, too,” I stated. “Then ask God what he thinks about you remaining in a harmful marriage.”

She returned a few months later, having started on a new life. She’d also been granted full custody of her son.

For yet another client, I simply listened to all the reasons that she was scared to call her sister. They hadn’t talked in 20 years, but my client kept getting dreams that something was wrong. I saw an intuitive image of her sister in a hospital room. Thus supported, my client called her sister’s family, and discovered that her sister was quite ill. They were able to make peace before the sister died.

The mother’s fresh lease on life; my client’s healing of long-held heart pain. None of these outcomes would necessarily qualify as “miracles.” But they are loving. They are good. They created more wholeness instead of additional brokenness. I believe they would qualify under my Peruvian’s shaman’s definition of a healer’s job.

And I also think Mary Poppins would approve.

Cyndi Dale Answers: What is the nicest thing a non-family member has ever done for you?

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