Discover Your Field of Super-Abundance - With Kenlyn Kolleen

Discover Your Field of Super-Abundance

Discover a variety of customized tools, including shamanic breathwork, mudras, and guided visualizations…

For accessing the field of super-abundance — where synchronicity, flow, delight, and magic become part of your daily life…

As you co-create a new way of being and live your deepest desires.

What You'll Learn During “Discover Your Field of Super-Abundance””

For most of us, daily life can be filled with mundane routines that can leave us feeling burned out and stressed.

Have you ever wondered, “Is this all there is?”

You’ll be delighted to know that there are portals to a world full of possibility and serendipity, where your eyes and your heart open to the magic of life’s abundant possibilities…

As women’s empowerment leader Kenlyn Kolleen notes, while these powerful evolutionary times may require much from you, they also open you to new portals.

These portals — unique, personal access points you can create — lead to the subtle field of the non-ordinary, where super-abundance lives.

For you, the most effective portal might involve consciously breaking free from a scarcity mindset, living as your future self, or going into what Kenlyn calls “Zero Space.”

As she explains, super-abundance is not about “manifesting” something. It’s beyond the material abundance we’re familiar with in our 3D existence. Inspired by the 53rd Gene Key, it’s a field in which you experience synchronicities and opportunities that give you a whole new sense of flow.

Join us for a new hour-long event with Kenlyn in which you’ll learn how to access the non-ordinary in the field of super-abundance — where you can co-create a new way of being with the universe to live your deepest desires.

She’ll guide you through an exercise to discern where you’re shoulding in your day — merely going through the motions and ignoring your true desires — and help you create a full-moon mantra to empower you all year long.

This work is powerful for women of all ages, and is especially fitting for women emerging into the 50s decade and beyond, a time of embodying your most radiant self while activating your divine purpose as a powerful and wise creator of the life you desire.

As Kenlyn will share, you can choose to live inside this super-abundance, no matter what life brings to your door.

In the process, you can expect to reboot your consciousness, meet your shadow, and experience empowerment, authenticity, sovereignty, and truth through embodied awareness of unseen sources of power.

Class Topics for “Discover Your Field of Super-Abundance”

In this life-enhancing workshop, you’ll discover:

  • A guided embodiment practice for stepping out of what Kenlyn calls the “should” spaces in your life — so you can figure out what you truly desire
  • A full-moon meditation — a spiritual cleansing to make space available for the new version of you to emerge
  • How to experience the field of super-abundance, where you’ll experience serendipity — synchronicity outside of linear time
  • The difference between super-abundance and manifesting
  • How the full moon, the equinox, the wormhole (the time between two eclipses), and the beginning of the astrological new year can support your manifestation, planting the seeds that you’ll fertilize for the rest of the year
  • How you have unique and personal access points that serve as portals to the field of super-abundance

You have a choice between feeding the fear frequency or stepping into a higher frequency of super-abundance — where synchronicity, flow, delight, and magic are a part of your daily life. It’s where things just feel easier and more aligned, and you trust that the Universe is conspiring on your behalf.

About Kenlyn Kolleen

Kenlyn Kolleen - HeadshotKenlyn Kolleen is a women’s empowerment leader and founder of The Evolving Sisters Network — a global community of awakened women, leading with their sacred power, freeing their voices, and restoring wholeness to themselves, their communities, and the planet.

Kenlyn’s mission to activate women as change agents emerged from her early life as a top attorney and Notre Dame law graduate, where her mastery of the more masculine expressions of success, status, and money led her to discover the powerful gifts of the Divine Feminine archetypes — reclaimed through deep healing and a potent sisterhood. For the next two-plus decades, she devoted herself to the call through founding and leading circles of women.

After her first spiritual pilgrimage to India that included a private audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and her second — which initiated her as a teacher — her intimate, online spaces grew into expansive circles with international attendance and evolved into an emergent leadership platform focused on empowering a new paradigm of feminine leaders: The Evolving Sisters Network.

Kenlyn broadcasts a weekly Soul Talk: Live Your Dharma live on YouTube that uniquely blends the esoteric transmissions of the Gene Keys, astrology, and practical life wisdom. She is the author of two books: The Art of Turning 50: A Woman’s Guide to a Radiant, Authentic Life and Forever Blue, a children’s book about loving and letting go of a beloved companion animal.

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