Evolve Your Ancestral Story - To Heal, Create Change, and Embody Your Life Purpose

Evolve Your Ancestral Story – To Heal, Create Change, and Embody Your Life Purpose

As our world navigates one crisis after another, we’re experiencing a profound evolution in consciousness as the collective cries out for new healing energies…

Have you felt the call to step forward into your personal power and finally release your genius into the world — feeling confident and equipped to make a difference as only you can?

The world certainly needs you!

Yet, even as you boldly answer this call, you may have encountered a mysterious form of resistance…

You might feel disconnected, uncertain, and confused as you experience a sense of longing for something that’s still missing.

According to Dr. Velma Love, an ancestral lineage healing practitioner, you’re likely feeling stuck because you haven’t yet connected with your own support team of ancestors in the spiritual realm.

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What You'll Learn During “Evolve Your Ancestral Story”

Once you connect to your ancestors (both blood and cultural), you’ll discover their stories from long ago — the ones you’ve been unknowingly living out in your life today – that have kept you from fulfilling your destiny. You have an ancestral inheritance from a larger cultural family than you might be aware of, made up of kindred spirits whose life experiences are similar to yours.

You can then heal the trauma within these stories you were born into and uncover the story you were meant to live, courageously bringing it into existence — so your transformation moves beyond you and into our world, becoming part of the global shift in consciousness.

During this free online ancestral healing workshop, Velma shares:

  • How you can connect with your ancestors to activate your inner power — by excavating their evolutionary experiences that explain the hard-wired stories that you’re living out right now.
  • How connecting and dialoguing with wise and well ancestors, you can shapeshift your ancestral story and map out a new way of being in the world, with consciousness, awareness, and intentionality.
  • A guided exercise to help you  contact one of your spirit guides — perhaps an ancestor, an angel, or even an animal — who represents support, light, and love.

8 Benefits of Connecting With Your Guide via “Evolve Your Ancestral Story”

As you invite your guide to come closer, you’ll:

  1. Clear your energy field
  2. Ask your guide to help you connect to your Ori — your highest consciousness, the blueprint of your soul, the decisions you made before you came into the world
  3. Develop a deeper understanding of who you are and why you’re here
  4. Heal the stories you were born into
  5. Activate new dimensions of genius
  6. Stand on your platform of power
  7. Embrace your personal medicine
  8. Make a real difference in the world

Course Topics for “Evolve Your Ancestral Story”

In this empowering free online event, you’ll discover:

  • A practice to connect with someone in your supporting cast of ancestors
  • A process to connect with your Ori — your innate divine consciousness that holds your soul’s blueprint… the “godself” within
  • How your personal transformation is related to cultural and global change
  • Confidence that, with the help of wise ancestors, you can change your narrative story — by healing the wounds from the stories you were born into
  • Ways to expand the notion of who your ancestors are, including both blood and cultural relations, and human and non-human beings

You'll discover how to connect with your ancestral lineage and explore Ori — the innate and divine consciousness residing within — to heal trauma from the stories you were born into, creating a roadmap for positive social impact and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

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About Your Teacher – Dr. Velma Love

Dr. Velma Love - HeadshotDr. Velma Love is an educator, cultural activist, ritual artist, storyteller, ancestral lineage healing practitioner, and change maker. The author of Divining the Self: A Study in Yoruba Myth and Human Consciousness, she is the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program and Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Her research interests center on sacred texts in society, ancestral memory, the intergenerational transmission of cultural trauma, and the healing power of story for personal and social transformation.

She is founder and president of Story Catalysts, LLC, the only story change company that leverages ancient African wisdom symbols and systems, proven true through the test of time, to catalyze personal and social transformation. As a certified Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner, a Narrative Coach, and a Dagara Cowrie Shell Diviner, Velma teaches her clients and students to connect with their inner guidance system, the innate divine consciousness known as the “Ori” (oh ree) to catalyze personal and social transformation.

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