Receive Divine Messages From the Archangels - Shakti Durga

Receive Divine Messages From the Archangels

There have undoubtedly been challenges in your life that you haven’t yet been able to resolve. So how do you get through them and receive the kind of resolution you need to reclaim your peace of mind?

Spiritual teacher and author Shakti Durga calls the journey to heal these deep challenges a “quest,” and, big or small, she can show you how to call on the denizens of higher realms — the beings we often name gods, goddesses, and archangels…

… to support you in navigating these difficulties with more clarity, ease, and grace.

During this free online spiritual growth workshop, she’ll invite you to evoke archangelic support to protect and assist you on your current quest.

Why Attend “Receive Divine Messages From the Archangels”

You’ll explore what Shakti Durga calls the “V Diagram” — a map of multi-dimensional consciousness that illustrates the levels of otherworldly realms…

… taking you from the physical (where humans exist in corporeal form) to the etheric (your chakras, aura, energy centers, and meridians) to the astral plane (where we do our thinking, remembering, visualizing, and more)…

Receive Divine Messages From the Archangels - Shakti Durga… to the soul dimension (where we access our intuition and flow state) and finally to the infinite (a state of pure bliss, where unity consciousness exists beyond form).

In this event, Shakti Durga will guide you into the soul dimension where she says that these higher beings reside — with a specific intent to receive a message from archangels.

Class Topics for “Receive Divine Messages from the Archangels”

During this free online spiritual healing class, you’ll:

  • Gain an understanding of the spiritual plane through a relatable and simple model — the V Diagram — and the role of archangels, gods, and goddesses in helping you navigate your life with greater ease and grace
  • Identify an area of challenge in your life and ask for help from the archangels to learn and grow through it
  • Participate in the Archangelic Ararita meditative chant, as well as a guided meditation to connect with the archangels and seek their guidance and support
  • Experience a group “Ignite Your Spirit” lift and shift session for blessings and upliftment
  • Learn about the greater quest of life, which is to move from ego identification into the blazing union with your own higher soul, a journey that gods, goddesses, and archangels are designed to help you with
  • You’re likely to walk away from this hour with an expanded feeling of your true essence — a bright, luminous, and potent soul who can move through the world with more stability and purpose.

About Your Teacher – Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga is the ​founder of the WellBeing Initiative, a registered Australian charity with the vision of helping to lift human consciousness and promoting spiritual, mental, emotional and physical flourishing. Through her five books and countless spiritual music and mantra CDs, she helps others heal and become inspired, and guides them to experience nonduality, through which their lives begin to abound with miracles of grace.

Shakti Durga, who was a practicing barrister prior to beginning her vocation in spirituality, has developed two pathways for spiritual evolution. One is a joy-filled spiritual training program called The Spiritual Path, which focuses on cultivating inner illumination through a deep, practical understanding of multifaith spirituality. The other is a comprehensive seminar series for spiritual personal development, helping people marry spirituality with worldly life, bringing more grace, skill and peace to even the most difficult circumstances.

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Jun 25 2024


10:00 am - 10:00 am

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  • Timezone: Europe/Paris
  • Date: Jun 25 2024
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