Craft Your 6-Figure Story Workshop - Sage Lavine

Craft Your 6-Figure Story Workshop

When it's told right, and in a heart-centered way, your story has the potential to generate 6-figures…

Because when you do it with integrity, authenticity, and connection, it becomes a source of resonance in your ideal clients so that they naturally want to work with you, and share your story with others.

In fact, it can be the keystone to much more than that.

You'll learn all of that and more during the upcoming training for women, “Craft Your Six-Figure Story Workshop.”

Why Attend the “Craft Your 6-Figure Story Workshop”

Your story is MORE than just a string of events. It’s your biggest chance to connect deeply with your audience – and what you say matters.

Say the right thing… and it’ll move your audience & inspire them to want to work with you.

Say the wrong thing… and your story will miss the opportunity to evoke an emotional response.

In the Craft Your 6-Figure Story Workshop, expert storyteller Sage Lavine will share how to craft a story that not only wins the hearts of your clients…

But is a pathway for your own self-evolution and even self-actualization.

Craft Your 6-Figure Story Workshop - with Sage LavineIt truly is a win for everyone.

You’ll come away from the training with your 6-figure story done, so you can start using it right away to attract more money, clients, and success.

Your story, when told right, will…

  • Be your best marketing tool, making you unforgettable (THIS is how you stand out from the crowd)
  • Attract the clients who are ready to do the deep work – and get transformative results – with jaw-dropping testimonials to go along with them
  • Set you up perfectly to make a high-ticket offer because your audience will see you as the exact right person to work with

What You'll Learn

This is much more than an entrepreneurship training for women…

It’s a get-it-DONE session where Sage will show you and your heart-centered female colleagues the ropes of how to craft a compelling story that creates an emotional connection with your audience…so they turn into clients.

  • CHOOSE & CRAFT A STORY that becomes your most effective promotion tool… even if you feel like you have nothing to share OR if you want to take your existing story to the next level.
  • STAND OUT IN A CROWDED MARKET… content tells, but stories are what sell. In a rapidly changing online landscape, your story will help you cut through the AI buzz and win the hearts of your future clients.
  • LEARN THE STORYTELLING COMPONENTS that attract your ideal clients & set you up to sell a high-ticket program… so you can change lives and make thousands with every story you tell.
  • CLAIM YOUR CREDIBILITY, so your participants and clients trust & respect you… which leads to a HIGH-TICKET SALE.

Daily Schedule

  • DAY 1: CRAFT YOUR CLIENT ATTRACTING STORY (Wednesday, July 17 from 11am – 2pm Pacific)
  • DAY 2: AI TIPS + STORIES THAT SELL (Thursday, July 18 from 11am – 2pm Pacific)

About Your Facilitator – Sage Lavine

Sage Lavine is the founder & CEO of Women Rocking Business, a training company reaching over 500,000 women entrepreneurs around the world, and the #1 best-selling Hay House author of Women Rocking Business.

As a notable women’s empowerment speaker and coach, Sage has delivered business-building training across global platforms, including the TEDx stage, and inside her comprehensive programs that serve thousands of women entrepreneurs annually.

Sage believes in purpose-based business. She has fundraised over a million dollars for humanitarian projects, focusing on empowering girls and women in developing countries and promoting a healthy environment. She is also an active advocate for closing the gender pay gap.

How Sage Lavine Started Her Career

Sage Lavine used to be a school teacher from Iowa.

But she felt a greater purpose calling her forth to bring her message to the people who needed to hear it.

So Sage quit her job, moved to California in an old RV and $35,000 in debt, and decided to launch her speaking business from scratch. She dedicated herself to excel at one skill: speaking, and in just a few short years, she…

Grew a 7-figure business reaching hundreds of thousands of women around the globe
Wrote her best-selling Hay House book, Women Rocking Business
Launched virtual events that generated millions in income

Now she’s sharing how you can design a talk that magnetizes clients – while getting your message out to those who need to hear it.

Endorsements for Sage Lavine

“Sage is a global changemaker with proven frameworks…  And real world knowledge to support leaders with a burning mission to take the stage and launch their message into the world in a big way!” – Lynne Twist, Founder of the Soul of Money Institute

“I made over $750K in one year leading events, I’ve paid off my debt, I work less & spend more time with my daughter.” – Rose Cole, Author, Speaker & Spiritual Guide

“I’m reaching over 4000 women in my Facebook Group & over 600 of them just completed my 21-day Video Training. Sage helped me to refine my message and streamline the strategy to build a community online. Dreams do come into fruition when we stretch outside of the comfort zone and invest in ourselves…”  – Sofiah Thom, Temple Body Arts

“I was working 18 hours/day, making $500/month. I was spinning out, exhausted and overwhelmed. With Sage’s support, I had my first 6-figure event and made $100K. At the next event I made $250K. I’ve been sought out as a keynote speaker and even shared the stage with Danielle LaPorte. My business is taking off! I’ve also aligned my business with causes I believe in, so I get to give back even more as I grow.” – Elizabeth Ocean, Holistic Business Academy

“Sage gave me the roadmap to serve at a higher level with virtual events & can fast track your success by years if not decades in just a few days.” –  Claire Zammit, PhD & Founder of Feminine Power

“Sage is brilliant at supporting women speakers & messengers to get their gifts OUT.” – – Lisa Nichols,  Featured Teacher in “The Secret”

“Thank you to Sage & the Women Rocking Business Team for creating the Universal tools to support women everywhere to launch businesses that change the world.” – – Rev. Deborah Johnson, Inner Light Ministries

“Sage helped me take the stage, grow my community to more than half a million people and build a global movement.” – Susan Peirce Thompson, Bright Line Eating

“My mailing list size more than quadrupledwith Sage’s mentoring and the skills. My summit reached thousands around the globe, my programs have sold out and I’m confidently making more money than ever before!” – Natalie Hill, Tap Into Money

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Jul 17 2024


11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jul 17 2024
  • Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm




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