How to Create Your First Card Deck: Free 5-Day Challenge

Insider Secrets to Create a Best-Selling Card Deck

Do you like to start your day by drawing a card from one of your favorite card decks?

If you do, then you already know that it’s uncanny how it’s always the right message at the right time.

So many people treasure the gifts these card decks bring to their lives… every single day.

This is the kind of daily impact you can have on your clients, too. The kind of impact they crave and appreciate… every single day.

But… this only happens if you’ve got a card deck that rocks! One your peeps can’t wait to use.

One that isn’t a dud.

During this free webinar, you'll learn how to make sure the card deck you create is one that your clients look forward to using and sharing every day.

You'll learn how to create one that sells like crazy, makes a powerful impact, and keeps your clients thinking about you.

Why Create Your Own Best-Selling Card Deck

How to Create Your First Card Deck: Free 5-Day ChallengeThis is the perfect time for you to create a card deck that wows your clients and rocks your bottom line.

Why? Well…card decks are hot right now.

They don’t just give your clients information; they give your clients an experience.

With one tiny nugget, your client can get a new perspective, an action step, an idea, tip or profound insight that changes their world. What a perfect way to give them a powerful, positive hit of your brilliance.

But not all card decks are created equal.

Some card decks sit on the shelf, gathering dust and never get used. But others are always close at hand. They’re on the desk, night stand, or coffee table because they're so good that people use them all the time.

If you’re going to make a card deck, you want to make one that’s so engaging and fun to use that it never gets put back on the shelf.

You'll also learn how to avoid the big mistakes that can keep your card deck languishing on the shelf. Or, even worse, unopened, unsold, and stacked in your garage.

It would be heart-breaking if your brilliant wisdom stayed on the shelf simply because you made a few, very avoidable mistakes.

Creating a Great Card Deck When You Don't Have Any New Ideas

You want to create a card deck, but… you’re not sure you have anything new to add. Is your idea new enough? Unique enough? Or is it just some second-hand copy of what’s already out there?

That makes sense. We all want to create something that’s unique.

But here’s the thing, straight from the card deck “go-to” person, Marcy Nelson-Garrison’s mouth, and this is true for anything you create…

It only has to be 10% original to be experienced as fresh and new according to Janet Goldstein, a New York publicist.


And you already have that 10% covered! Because your card deck will be created by you… and you are one-of-a-kind!

But even your most original, fresh idea can get messed up and lost in the muck if you fall victim to common, sales-crushing mistakes.

Even the most brilliant ideas are worthless if you don’t know how to create a card deck that wows your clients and rocks your bottom line.

The Power of the Right Deck at the Right Time

If you're like many spiritually-centered people, you buy a lot of card decks and probably have some favorites.

Each has its own purpose or role in your day, and they can be kind of like power tools for you…

For example, some card decks:

  • Are perfect when journaling in the morning to set your intention for the day.
  • Inspire new ideas.
  • Help focus your actions on an area for improvement.
  • Deliver the right inspiration or affirmation when you need it most

The thing is…

You can use them in similar ways with your clients.

4 Things That Make A Card Deck Successful

According to Marcy, there are 4 make-or-break things that elevate a deck to favorite status:

  1. Easy to “get.” It offers an easy to understand experience that’s immediate, clear and “aha moment” powerful. Complication can kill a deck.
  2. Investment. The deck is well conceived, well designed, and the visuals are inviting.
  3. Engagement. A deck needs to be more than a stack of content – the process, the experience is critical to a deck getting used.
  4. Purpose. It serves a clear purpose that’s relevant to the audience – and it makes sense with the author’s business.

If you’ve got a card deck idea, you owe it to yourself to know the ins and outs of creating one that’s sure to become a favorite.

Marcy says there are common mistakes that so many people make that totally derail the success of their card decks, and she’s going to tell you all about them in a free training today!

Don’t pour all of your creativity and excitement into something that, in the end, just doesn’t work. Get the info you need to create a best-selling favorite!

Bonus Gift for Attendees:

Be sure to attend live and in person, because at the end, Marcy is giving away her list of card deck printers – free for everyone who attends live, and she says it’s the #1 thing everyone begs her for.

About Your Coach – Marcy Nelson-Garrison

Marcy Nelson-Garrison - HeadshotMarcy Nelson-Garrison, MA, CPCC. is a creative catalyst, product coach, Choice Magazine feature writer, and visual artist. She is the founder of the Coaching Toys, an online store featuring creative tools and products for workshops, retreats, team building, and client work.

Marcy is all about transforming lives through products! A coach since 1999, Marcy helps others create successful products and programs.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a coach, an author, speaker, or healer, Marcy will help you stand out creatively in the marketplace.

Her clients hire her because they are ready to finally claim their brilliance, develop their own unique voice, and create powerful products and programs that reflect who they are, make a difference, and make money. Marcy is the creator of the popular Card Deck Master Class, The Product Lab, and The Creative Pivot.

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