Ancestral Healing Summit 2022 - Break The Cycle of Intergenerational Trauma

Ancestral Healing Summit 2022 – Break The Cycle of Intergenerational Trauma

Take a few moments to reflect on the lives of your ancestors and the kind of situations and circumstances they experienced over the generations…

… their adventures, accomplishments, life changes — and also the traumatic events and oppression they may have endured. How much do you really know about them?

Did you know that the experiences of your ancestors — both positive and negative — can be passed down from generation to generation, leaving psychic and even physical imprints?

During the Ancestral Healing Summit 2022, you’ll dive deep into all of that – including how to heal:

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DNA and Ancestral Healing

Many of you have inherited special skills and talents from your lineages, but you can also carry your ancestors’ traumas in your bodies, hearts, minds, and souls, without being aware of what they went through…

… especially at a time such as this (when collective trauma is at a peak), there can be a re-triggering within you of your ancestors’ suffering, which can then manifest in all manner of ailments, including depression, anxiety, somatic and physiological disorders, and more.

It’s primarily this DNA memory of trauma that now prevents you from leveraging your skills to draw upon your own deepest strengths.

When you create sacred connections with members of your lineage who’ve passed, you can tap into their wisdom, clearing your energy field and theirs, of intergenerational cycles of trauma that haunt the living and the dead…

… opening yourself to claim the talents and abilities that are your natural birthright … allowing you, your family, and future generations to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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What You’ll Learn At The Ancestral Healing Summit 2022

You’ll get to enjoy more than 30 of today’s leading ancestral healing experts and inspiring teachers — including Thomas Hübl, Langston Kahn, Sandra Ingerman, Christina Pratt, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Paul Levy, Dr. Lotte Valentin, Ash Canty, Grandmother Flordemayo, Dr. Linda Howe, and many more…

Sharing new practices and insights for connecting with the wise and loving among your ancestors.

They’ll show you how your ancestors can help you work through the reparations necessary for you and your family to thrive, while also benefiting future generations of your bloodline, the global community, and even our beautiful Earth.

By communicating with your ancestors through powerful practices, such as ancestral astrology, genealogical past life regression, or ancestral tarot…

… you can send ripples of healing, restorative energy to your entire family tree while learning more about the underlying emotional or spiritual root causes manifesting as your own physical or mental symptoms.

During this free online ancestral healing event, you’ll:

  • Discover how you can transform inherited emotional DNA — those familiar ancestral family system patterns of success, failure, love, and money
  • See how analyzing your nocturnal dreams taps into your coding for higher intelligence, guidance, and the ability to heal your own heart
  • Learn to consult tarot cards to make powerful ancestral connections that can heal unhealthy inherited family patterns spanning generations
  • Detox and transmute your epigenetic inheritance of ancestral traumas by learning to activate the regenerative power of your liver and gallbladder
  • Explore pathways to release ancestral trauma and karma threads created during interplanetary (aka starseed) past lives
  • Learn how to effectively reach out and ask your ancestors how you can help them, which in turn helps your entire ancestral line to flourish
  • Discover that via “sacred symbols” or “bones” divination rituals, you can repair and nurture loving lineage relationships while receiving wise ancestral guidance
  • Study ancestral astrology to see how your own natal chart is connected to ancestral patterns that dictate your role in the larger family dynamic
  • See how your ancestors’ abortions and miscarriages affect your life, causing entanglements in the family system that can be healed by releasing judgements
  • Examine how all our ancestors will aid our collective healing as we embrace the Age of Aquarius, an astrological cycle destined to transform life on Earth
  • Hear how the Irish keen acts as a sound-healing agent, amplifies its power through sacred ritual, and provides a roadmap for processing grief
  • Practice an exercise to clear familial lines by removing ancestral traumas reverberating in your cells, producing disruptive epigenetic changes

Whether you’re new to ancestral repair work or you already incorporate it in your life, the visionary speakers in this summit will bring to light the curative powers of ancestral healing — helping you shift your present and our future.

Join us now and discover the tools you need to:

  • Cultivate more connection
  • Harmonize your body, mind, and spirit
  • And heal wounds from the past that can literally change your genetic destiny.

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Speaker List For the Ancestral Healing Summit 2022

  • Thomas Hübl will xplore ways to transform our collective trauma by changing our perspective, so we can learn from the past, heal the present, and improve the future.
  • Jill Purce, known as the pioneer of ancestral healing work, will discuss how to release yourself, your family, your ancestors, and your descendants from ancestral trauma.
  • Langston Kahn describes how we can work with our male ancestors to extract ourselves from harmful social systems of patriarchy based on domination, control, or victimhood.
  • According to Christina Lee Pratt, humanity has passed the tipping point at which our collective ancestral healing work is no longer keeping pace, requiring new shamanic solutions.
  • Join Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona as he shares the healing and spiritual growth he enjoyed by communing with his Native American Cherokee and Lakota ancestors.
  • Renowned international shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman will offer her wisdom on teachings unveiled by the ancients for surviving catastrophic events and pandemics.
  • Paul Levy will discuss transmuting and liberating the unhealed abuse and holographically encoded wounds of your family lineage.
  • Understand how ancestral experiences and behavior patterns affect you physically and emotionally, and find the right tools to heal these embedded imprints with Dr. Lotte Valentin.
  • Psychic medium Ash Canty will channel spirits in the ancestral realm — and share how we can not only heal ourselves, but also help heal our ancestors with non-linear healing.
  • Grandmother Flordemayo will share ancient Mayan wisdom stories of creation, plus the Mayan Cosmovision and why it’s still relevant today.
  • Guided by Dr. Linda Howe you’ll discover how the Akashic Records store your soul’s true purpose — and find keys to transmuting stuck ancestral vibrational patterns.

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