Zombie Kid Likes Turtles – By Chris Cade

Some years back, I remember being curious about what the top YouTube videos were of all time. Mostly at the top was some combination of Justin Beiber and other popular singers… and a bunch of random videos.

One video title caught my attention:

Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

With nearly 62,000,000 views at the time, I chose to watch it. It was a news clip. And was quickly reminded why I don’t watch the news.

Most news falls into two categories: Dumb and discouraging.

Dumb is stuff like Zombie Kid Likes Turtles. It’s when the filler in the news lacks any useful or emotional substance. It’s arguably even an ineffective attempt at bringing some heart into the news.

Calling it dumb isn’t a judgment. Dumb news isn’t necessarily good or bad. It’s dumb because it lacks intelligence, substance, and even humor.

Then there’s the “discouraging.”

That’s all the stuff we “think we have to keep up with” so we can “be prepared.”

Bad news. Murders. War. Bad economy. Corruption. Drugs. Natural disasters. Scandals and affairs. Politics.

The list goes on…

And every moment that we expose yourself to bad news, we are subconsciously reinforcing pain, negativity, and fear. Our minds subconsciously learn and believe:

“This negativity is how the world is. This is how it works. This is real.”

Yet that’s not entirely true. It is true that is how some of the world operates. In fact, much of the world operates from places of fear, pain, and negativity.

And it’s not true that is how the world is. Just some people in the world. Even in my darkest times, I never saw the world as a painful place. Yes I was in pain. No, the world was not inherently painful.

If you keep up with the news (whether it’s online, TV, or newspaper), I dare you to go one full week without ever once checking in on the news.

I did this years ago, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Very quickly the quality of my life improved.

Then a few years later, I suddenly fell into a temporary trap of keeping up with the news again. Within just one week I felt depressed. Once I realized it was news-related, I dropped the news again and my depression went away.

That was all before I had any ideas about consciousness, spirituality, personal development, etc. I just knew that the news lowered my quality of life. The news unconsciously messed up my heart and mind.

Much of the news serves to make us like zombies.

(or as some people say, “sheeple” ~ sheep-like people who follow blindly)

Most of the media companies in the US are controlled by an elite wealthy few people, often with political ties. The combination of wealth and politics often (not always) influences people and organizations in ways that are not necessarily benevolent or “for the people.” Money trails and investigations don’t paint a pretty picture of the media.

So then why look to the news as an authoritative source for what should go into our subconscious minds? That’s a recipe for self-sabotage, pain, and frustration.

All you have to do is look at the “Occupy Wall Street” protests that went on to see how this can lead us astray. Signs such as:

“Dear 1%. We are the 99%, and we were asleep. Now we’ve woken up.”

Think about that for a moment…

In simple terms, the sign says: “We blindly followed people in positions of authority. We blindly followed the news. Now we’re paying the price for our ignorance, and we won’t take it anymore.”

It’s great to see when people wake up in so many ways… economically, politically, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Still, this is our lives we’re talking about. And the news is subconsciously sabotaging our best efforts to improve the quality of our lives.

Liberate Your Life… with 1 week of no news whatsoever from any source.

Give it a try.

The world won’t end during that time. 🙂

To be clear…

I’m not saying that ignorance is a better solution. Being informed in an ever-changing world can be incredibly helpful and necessary.

What I am suggesting is that we can experience the world, and the news, in a different way. Unless we guard what goes into our subconscious minds, we risk being a zombie at the whims of the national media organizations.
That said, in my experience, if something is important enough for me to know about then it finds its way to me anyways… I don’t have to seek it out.

– This article was written by Chris Cade, founder of SpiritualGrowthEvents.com