You Are Such A Nudge!

A man who had all his life been very pious, and had prayed to God continually at least ten hours a day, died, and unlike his miserable brother, who was an atheist, he died miserable and broke. His wife had left him, his partner had cheated him, his house had burned down, and his children were all delinquents.

His brother, on the other hand, who had not prayed a single prayer in his life, was wealthy, had his health, a wonderful wife, fine children, and in short, a great time of it.

When the pious man finally came face to face with God, he asked, “Lord, I'm not complaining. You know I'm not complaining. When you took my house away, I prayed to you in thanks. I knew there was some good reason for it. And when my wife left, I again prayed in thanksgiving, because I knew you had a good reason for that; and when my children turned against me, again I prayed to you with thanks, since I know that nothing happens without your approval, and I have to bow to Divine Wisdom. But why did all these things happen to me who prayed to you ten hours at least every day, and not to my wicked brother who is an atheist?”

“Because,” said the Lord in disgust, “you are such a NUDGE!”

You are such a bore. This man must have tortured God – ten hours every day. Just think of poor God!

Buddha relieved man of God, and Buddha relieved God of man.

From Osho – Take It Easy