What Number Is the Alta Major Chakra? 8th or 9th?

Most of us are familiar with the traditional seven-chakra system. These seven primary chakras align with our spine, from the base (root chakra) to the top of our head (crown chakra). They each correspond to different physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. But as we dive deeper into spiritual practices, we encounter more chakras that extend beyond this basic framework.

These additional chakras are often referred to as the transpersonal or higher chakras. They exist outside the physical body and connect us to higher realms of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

The Alta Major Chakra: An Overview

The alta major chakra (sometimes known as the “zeal point,” “well of dreams, or “mouth of God,”) is a lesser-known but powerful energy center. It's located at the base of the skull, where the head and neck meet. This chakra is associated with higher spiritual communication, intuition, and awakening. It's considered a point of transformation, playing a crucial role in our spiritual evolution.

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The 8th Chakra: The Alta Major Chakra

In some spiritual systems, the alta major chakra is considered the 8th chakra. This approach expands the traditional seven-chakra system by including the alta major chakra as the next step in our energetic evolution.

Why Consider the Alta Major as the 8th Chakra?

  1. Extended Seven-Chakra System: In this extended system, the alta major chakra follows the crown chakra as the next point of focus, making it the 8th chakra.
  2. Link to Higher Consciousness: The alta major chakra's role in spiritual awakening and communication with higher realms fits well as the 8th chakra, maintaining a logical progression of ascending spiritual awareness.

The 9th Chakra: Another Perspective

In other systems, the alta major chakra is considered the 9th chakra. This occurs when another transpersonal chakra is recognized as the 8th chakra, such as the soul star chakra or the earth star chakra.

Why Consider the Alta Major as the 9th Chakra?

  1. Hierarchical Structure: This system maintains a strict hierarchy of chakras, each building upon the previous one. The 8th chakra connects us to higher realms, while the alta major chakra (9th) serves as a bridge between this high spiritual connection and our physical experience.
  2. Distinct Functionality: By positioning the alta major as the 9th chakra, it emphasizes its unique role in spiritual transformation, distinguishing it from other transpersonal chakras.

The Differences in Positioning: 8th vs. 9th Chakra

Person Activating Their ChakrasThe Alta Major Chakra is either the 8th chakra, or 9th chakra, depending on which system you reference. Understanding why the alta major chakra is placed differently in various systems can help clarify its role and importance.

As the 8th Chakra

  • Proximity to the Physical Body: Positioned closer to the physical body, the alta major chakra as the 8th chakra emphasizes its role in bridging higher consciousness with our physical form.
  • Focus on Awakening: This placement highlights the alta major chakra's importance in awakening and activating our higher spiritual faculties.

As the 9th Chakra

  • Higher Spiritual Hierarchy: Positioned higher in the chakra hierarchy, the alta major chakra as the 9th chakra represents a more advanced stage of spiritual development.
  • Distinct Spiritual Gateway: This placement emphasizes the alta major chakra's function as a distinct gateway for spiritual transformation, separate from the initial awakening associated with the 8th chakra.

Why the Confusion?

The variation in numbering arises from the different purposes and philosophies of various spiritual systems. Each system offers unique insights into how we connect with and utilize our spiritual energy.

  1. Different Spiritual Traditions: Various spiritual traditions have developed different models for understanding and working with chakras. These models reflect their unique insights and goals.
  2. Evolution of Spiritual Understanding: As our spiritual understanding evolves, so do our models of the chakra system. New insights lead to new interpretations and refinements of these ancient systems.

Practical Implications for Your Spiritual Journey

Regardless of whether you consider the alta major chakra the 8th or 9th, the key is to understand its role and how to work with it effectively.

  1. Meditation and Visualization: Focusing on the alta major chakra during meditation can help activate its energy. Visualize a bright, radiant light at the base of your skull, connecting you to higher realms of consciousness.
  2. Breathwork: Incorporate breathwork practices that focus on the base of your skull. This can help stimulate and balance the alta major chakra.
  3. Affirmations: Use affirmations that align with the qualities of the alta major chakra. For example, “I am open to higher wisdom and spiritual communication.”

Conclusion: Embrace the Mystery

The alta major chakra's placement as either the 8th or 9th chakra reflects the rich tapestry of spiritual traditions and practices available to us. Rather than getting caught up in the numbering, embrace the deeper understanding and connection that working with this chakra offers. Whether you see it as the 8th or 9th, its role in your spiritual journey is what truly matters.

The alta major chakra invites us to explore our higher consciousness, to awaken to our spiritual potential, and to connect more deeply with the divine. It's a reminder that our spiritual journey is ever-evolving, filled with opportunities for growth and transformation. So, as you continue your exploration, remember to stay open, curious, and committed to your path of awakening.

To learn more about how you can activate your Alta Major Chakra, check out this free online class.