What Does It Really Mean To “Let Go… And Let God”?

We've all heard the phrase, “Let Go and Let God.” What I find interesting is how different people interpret this differently…

One person might interpret it as this:

“I feel helpless. I don't know what to do. I can't do anything else. I've done all I can do… or at least all I want to do. I'll defer my authority to somebody or something else and just do my best to accept whatever consequences may happen.”

This latter example is somebody who lacks authentic power. That person believes (consciously and subconsciously) that he or she is unable to affect change in the world. Often people in this mindset see things as happening “to” them rather than happening “for” them.

(or even one step further, they don't see themselves AS the happening itself)

They adopt a victim mentality because their feelings of helplessness disable them from seeing themselves accurately. And by extension, they are unable to see reality accurately.

Another way to interpret “Let go and let God” is this:

“I've done my best. Worrying won't help the situation and it won't make me feel any better. I'll let it go now and trust that whatever happens is for the highest good.”

This is an example of somebody who lives in his or her authentic power. Simultaneously, that person recognizes that certain things are always going to be beyond him or her. When we live in this space, we recognize that the outcomes of situation (positive or negative) do not reflect upon our self-worth. They simply are the consequences of many many different aspects of reality coming together.

We are who we are, we do our best, and everything else that results is the optimal outcome given all that has previously occurred. People with this mindset often see things happening “for” them — not happening “to” them. In other words, they don't see themselves as victims.

The difference between those two interpretations is profound.

Whether we realize it or not, most of us identify with the first victim-like example more often than we realize. This kind of thinking is a natural consequence of childhood…

That time when we were physically, mentally, and emotionally dependent upon our caretakers to provide for us. Sometimes we truly were helpless within certain contexts and our life experience and we had to accept, to the best of our abilities, whatever happened to us.

That was the past though, and it doesn't have to be our future.

And if it's difficult for you to “Let go and let God…”

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