(Video) Dreams Are Whispers From The Soul

Do you remember your dreams from childhood? What about as a teen, or as an adult?

Chances are if you're like many, they didn't all come true. In fact, as you “grew up” and got busy with work, family, and the experiences of your daily life, it's possible that you maybe only reached 1 or 2 big dreams of yours.

It happens to all of us. We thought we had our entire future ahead of us, and then later in life we look back and wonder how it went so fast.

We wonder what happened to the dreams we once cherished so much.

The thing is, there is an entirely different way to look at that…

See, no matter how old you are you always have your entire future ahead of you!

And today’s beautiful video will help remind you of that and give you a nudge in that direction…