Through the Veils of Silence: A Poem About Direct Awakening

In the depths of silence, where secrets reside,
Awakening beckons, a mystical tide.
Through veils of illusion, we're called to explore,
The radiant truth at our very core.

Like a fragile bud seeking warmth of the sun,
Direct awakening has only begun.
In stillness we listen, with hearts open wide,
To the whispers of wisdom that softly reside.

Through fields of awareness, we wander and roam,
Discovering treasures, reclaiming our home.
The ego dissolves, like morning mist clears,
Revealing a vision that quiets all fears.

Oh, the dance of surrender, where freedom is found,
As the soul's sacred purpose begins to resound.
With grace as our guide, we journey within,
Embracing the truth that resides in our skin.

Each breath becomes sacred, a hymn to the divine,
A portal to realms where eternity shines.
The layers unravel, illusions fall away,
Leaving behind only truth's purest display.

In unity's embrace, we find solace and peace,
As separation dissolves and anxieties cease.
The light within sparkles, igniting the way,
A beacon of love that forever will stay.

We witness the magic in each passing hour,
Nature's symphony, a source of great power.
The whispers of trees, the song of the breeze,
All teach us the essence of living with ease.

Direct awakening, a gift to behold,
As truth's tapestry weaves and stories unfold.
Through the vast expanse of our innermost being,
We find liberation, a soul's true decreeing.

In this sacred union, we discover our worth,
As we dance with the cosmos upon this sweet earth.
Direct awakening, a love that abounds,
Within and without, its beauty resounds.

So let us embark on this mystical quest,
With a warrior's spirit, we are truly blessed.
In the rhythm of life, we find our own tune,
As direct awakening guides us to commune.

With eyes wide open, and hearts full of grace,
We awaken to love, the eternal embrace.
In harmony with all, we dance and we sway,
Direct awakening, forever we'll stay.