There Is No Positive Way To Live In The Future

“Any attempt to alter your experience, to improve it means that you believe that there is a future and you are living for that future. You are saying no to the now out of hope for some better future.” – A.H. Almaas

In the Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle speaks to this as the difference between physical time and psychological time. Physical time simply being a natural measurement, whereas psychological time being the way in which we accumulate our -ideas- about time within our psyche.

In other words, are we living in the present moment and aware of time (for example it's 9:23am)…

Or are we fixated on past or future events that are not happening in the present moment?

That's a valuable distinction, and there's more possibility here for exploration. There is a very subtle difference between wanting to change our circumstances and wanting to change our experience.

For example, when we *want* to have things be different our inclination is to “live in the future.” We usually see the object of our desire as being separate from us, and therefore, something we can acquire at a later time.

However, if we want to actually pursue the TRUTH of the MOMENT, then we would want to *feel* and be totally *in* our experience of wanting. In other words, we must shift our attention away from the object of what we want and focus entirely on the actual experience of *wanting*.

In this way, we are no longer avoiding or denying our experience of wanting. In fact, we are fully immersing ourselves in the immediate moment. It's that immersion that allows the beauty of Presence to unfold, and which frees us from being stuck within the “psychological” time that Eckhart speaks of.