The Value Of Kindness

The golden deer named Rohanta was actually the Bodhisattva. He lived with his brother Chittamiga and sister Sutana near a lake. One day, Khema, the queen of Benaras, had a dream that a golden deer was preaching to her. Next morning, she begged her husband to bring her the deer. The king sent hunters all across his kingdom to search for the deer. One hunter who knew Rohanta’s whereabouts laid a trap by the side of the river where Rohanta and his fellow deer usually came to drink water. Rohanta stepped in the trap and got caught. He immediately shouted to warn the other deer so that they could run away and save themselves. Everyone fled except Chittamiga and Sutana. No amount of persuasion could keep them away from Rohanta. Their love for their brother touched the hunter’s heart and he released the deer. Rohanta then taught him the value of love and kindness. His teachings changed the hunter’s nature and he became an ascetic.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!