The “One True Secret” to Manifesting – by Chris Cade

Over time I’ve become more discerning regarding the The Secret / Law of Attraction. I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, many of which are about manifestation, and most of them seem to be saying the same things:

In a nutshell, it seems like each newsletter publisher knows “the one true” secret why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you and that they can show you exactly how to make it work.

Let’s get real for a second…

If that were true, why would we have poverty in the world? Why would there be war?

After all, if anybody really knew ‘The Secret,’ wouldn’t they just manifest infinite money and world peace?

While I am able to manifest a lot of incredible things in my life (like swimming with wild dolphins and living in service to you each and every day), I won’t pretend that I’m a Law of Attraction guru. What I can do is contribute to the conversation and offer my own experience and story to support you on your own path.

I believe the biggest reason why the law of attraction doesn’t work for many people is because they’re often focusing on what they don’t have instead of what they do have. I don’t mean this in a literal sense (i.e. focusing on lack of money instead of gratitude), but rather in a spiritual sense.

I’ve noticed that when I look outside of myself for things like material possessions they rarely come true. This is most often true when I have an idea about what I want and why I want it. If you notice the feeling of want is coming from your head / mind, then there’s a good chance it won’t come true. This is where so many law of attraction teachings take us away from the Truth, and ultimately they take us away from ourselves.

The thing is, when I tune into the feeling in my heart about what I want, and really feel it, I know there’s a much bigger chance of it coming true. The mind often speaks from a place of deficiency. The mind focuses on what it didn’t get, what it doesn’t have, and why it deserves to have what it wants. The mind often takes on a voice of entitlement.

The heart on the other hand, simply says “I want,” and while the heart may have a reason, it doesn’t always.

When I wanted to swim with wild dolphins, I didn’t really know why I wanted it. It was a wish that just appeared in my heart rather suddenly. I held that wish for years, and even when certain opportunities came up that seemed “perfect,” I didn’t take advantage of them. You might be wondering: Why would I decline the “perfect” opportunity to manifest my heart’s wishes?

The reason is because I felt it was perfect in my mind. Logically those opportunities made sense. Even though I had a heart’s wish, when those opportunities came up it was my mind telling me it was “perfect” and my heart telling me “Whoah there buddy. Wait just a second. Are you sure this is right?”

When I paused within and felt both my heart and mind, I was able to see that the timing wasn’t right. I saw the Universe was actually testing me to see if I would stay true to my heart’s wishes, or if I would become a slave to my mind’s lies.

Then a few months later I received a specific email about a wild dolphin adventure, I felt with my entire body “YES. This is it.” I knew it 100% without a doubt that the time had come. It wasn’t until after that feeling when my mind set in with fear about how I didn’t have the money, couldn’t afford it, and other negative self-defeating thoughts.

I tuned back into my heart again, and I was certain it was time for me to go on this trip. I didn’t know how I would come up with the money to go on the trip, so I just put down the first smallest deposit allowed. I told myself:

“The Universe wants me there. I can feel it with my entire body. The Universe will find a way to get me there.”

Time came and went, and it was time for me to pay for the rest of my trip, the lodging, and trip insurance. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t afford the trip due to the many recent challenges in my life, so I waited. I waited until the last possible date I could, I put it all on my credit card, and I told myself:

“The Universe wants me there. I can feel it with my entire body. The Universe will find a way to get me there.”

Then literally just a few weeks before my trip, I received an unexpected check for nearly $2,000. I’ve always heard about people saying this kind of thing happened to them, but this was the first time I had experienced it happening to me. That’s when I knew, as Paulo Coelho says in the Alchemist, that the Universe was conspiring in my favor.

Ironically, I still had no idea why I was supposed to go on this trip. I only knew my heart wished for it. Literally days before the trip, I found out from my bookkeeper I had very recently hired (who again I couldn’t afford to hire, but I also realized I couldn’t afford to be clueless about my business finances either), that she found something in my accounting that would reduce my taxes by enough to cover the rest of the trip.

I was astounded. Actually, it was more like disbelief at the time.

Yet I knew deep down, that if I had merely wanted to swim with wild dolphins because of some idea I had about how it should be, it probably wouldn’t have happened. It was a heart’s wish, a very personal wish, a deep down wish, something I cherished and didn’t even know why, and so I trusted the Universe to act in my highest good.

Circling back to the challenge I asked: If all these law of attraction gurus and experts know ‘The Secret,’ why would we have poverty and war?

I believe the answer is because we have ideas that our world should be free of poverty and war. Our mind has ideas about how our world “should” be so. If we really want to manifest most effectively then we have to get personal.

Tune into your own experience, your heart, and your desires. Manifesting isn’t about what you can give to the world, or even what the world can give to you.

Manifesting is about being totally present with yourself and trusting that your heart knows best, moment-to-moment, even when you don’t understand why it wants what it wants.

This article was written by Chris Cade, founder of Spiritual Growth Events.

If you’re curious, here’s a couple of pictures from that wild dolphin swim..