The Great Fool Who Brilliantly Condemns Everything

In a village there was a fool. He was very upset because no matter what he said people laughed at him. People had decided he was a blithering idiot. Even when he said something right people still laughed at him.

He lived cowering, not daring even to speak. If he didn't speak people laughed, if he spoke people laughed. If he did something people laughed, if he didn't do anything people laughed. A monk came to the village.

That night the fool fell at the monk's feet and said, “Give me some blessing. is my whole life to be spent shrinking and cowering like this? Will I die a blithering idiot? Is there no way I can become a little intelligent?”

The monk said, “There is a way. Follow this sutra: condemn everything.”

He said, “What will happen through condemning?”

The monk said, “You do it for seven days then come again to me.”

The fool asked, “How should I condemn?”

The monk said, “Whatever anyone says make a negative statement. For instance if someone says look what a beautiful sun is coming out, you say “what's beautiful about it? Prove it. Where is the beauty? What beauty? It comes out everyday, it has been coming out for billions of years. It is a globe of fire — what beauty?”

“If someone says look Jesus' words are so lovely, you immediately jump on him saying ‘what is so lovely in them? What is so special about them? What's new in them? The same thing has always been said, it is all thrashed over. It is all stale, all borrowed.' You just deny. Someone says looking at a beautiful woman, ‘what a beautiful woman.' You say: ‘what of it? So what if her nose is a little longer? So what if her skin is a little whiter? Lepers are white too. What beauty? Prove it.' You demand proof from everyone and remember to always remain in the negative. Put them in the positive, you remain in the negative. Come to me after seven days.”

After seven days when the idiot came, he did not come alone, many had become his disciples. They came on ahead. They had hung flower garlands around his neck. A band was playing. He said to the monk, “The device worked. The whole village was forced to be silent. Wherever I went people lowered their heads. The news spread among the people that I am a great genius. No one could win against me. Now what should I do?”

He said, “Now don't do anything, just remain with this. If you want to save your intellect never fall into the positive. If someone speaks of God then immediately bring in atheism. Whatever is said, always make a negative statement. No one will be able to defeat you because to disprove a negative statement is very difficult. To prove a positive statement is very difficult.”

From Osho – Death is Divine