Startling Revelation in an Ayahuasca Journey – By Jennifer McLean

Just before the world closed for the covid-19 pandemic, I went into the jungles of Costa Rica with shamans for healing and revelation.

It’s like I knew something was coming in 2020, and and my guides wanted me to prepare.

My motivation for a new perspective beckoned me to use a fascinating plant medicine from the shamans, Ayahuasca, to expand my perceptions.

During my ayahuasca medicinal journeys I received life altering insights, prophecies, as well as deep and profound healings…

And some of them were about you.

First I was shown… just how amazing YOU are.

That may sound strange, but I actually got to see, in a clear and unobstructed way, how those like you, in communities like ours, are the way showers, the light warriors, here to make THE difference.

My guides showed me how important and powerful you are.

AND these guides ALSO revealed that the Healer Types that had recently been channeled through to me, were valid and real and quite important.

My guides in this remarkable journey proved to me that the 5 Healer Types I discovered, were not only accurate, but they delivered an energetic clarity to those who received this knowledge.

I was shown that all that is happening in the world is part of the plan to bring the healers (like you) into their strength and power at this time.

And this time is here to bring forward humanity's shadow, coming up and out for transformation.

I have subsequently created a powerful quiz to show you in real terms, that you are that change agent they were telling me about.

Understanding your Healer Type is a part of that awakening.

You see, we need you now more than ever.

We need you to KNOW, and be ignited into your power, strength, confidence, AND capacity for success.

So if you are ready to…

1) Know that you are a healer.

2) Discover that you really do have gifts.


3) Identify and claim which type of healer you are, then…

​GO HERE NOW to take the quiz ​

Whether you're a certified healer in one or several disciplines…

Are a coach or facilitator…

Or you're just starting and think you have some natural gifts…

This quiz will reveal what YOUR Healer Type means for you now, and who you can be.

And, knowing your “healer type” creates an evolutionary expansion of your capacity to make THE difference.

​Click here to take the “What Healer Type Are You?” Quiz now and in just 90-seconds you are about to experience a real shift.

Prepare to know why you are being nudged to embrace and ignite the healer within, and how these Types confirm your suspicions.

And it's free.

On your results page you can register for a Video Masterclass where Jennifer will be revealing all 5 Healer Types in depth. PLUS… and this is a BIG DEAL… you will learn how to TURN ON on YOUR unique personal MODALITY OF HEALING. AND receive personal healing from this master. These are never-before-revealed insights and activations. So be sure to choose a date and time that works for you for this special bonus Masterclass Video Presentation (found on your results page). SO FUN!

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This guest post is from Jennifer McLean. She is an internationally acclaimed Healer, Author, Speaker, Edge Pusher, and Transformational Change Agent. She is the creator of the renowned healing accelerant: “The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT),” that delivers instant transformation and healing. Jennifer has appeared on FOX, ABC, CBS, and online summits and is featured in renowned media publications. STT and other healing philosophies are covered in her 5 best selling books and dozens of online healing programs.