A Man And The Pearl

A man who was feeling very disheartened went down to the beach. He found a shiny pearl sitting amongst the sand and pebbles. It gleamed brightly in the morning sun and his heart was lifted.

I will keep this forever, he said to himself as he rubbed it gently with his finger and thumb.

The next day when he woke up, the pearl was there on his mantle piece. His face lit up again. He placed it in his hand and rubbed it adoringly . Days and weeks passed this way and every day the man did the same. Picking up the pearl and rubbing it gently. His luck had changed immensely since he found the shiny pearl. He had a great new job, a woman who loved him and a fast sports car, but something was bothering him. It had been ten years since he first found the pearl and whether he was making it up or not he didn't know but it seemed a little smaller. Still he rubbed it every day as normal and still it brought a smile to his face.

Another year passed and now the man was becoming increasingly concerned. He wasn't sleeping at night, his wife was staying out late, his work had become increasingly exhausting and the car had been written off due to some drunk driver . Yet everyday he rubbed his favourite pearl.

Another 5 years passed and now he was at his wits end. His wife had requested a divorce. His job had been lost due to spending cuts, he had to take the bus everywhere and it took over an hour to get to town. It was today he found himself back at that same beach.

He took the pearl from his pocket and rubbed it again but this time it dissolved into tiny grains of sand that passed between his fingers and out of sight.

It seemed that pearls could not be rubbed forever.

Thanks to Gareth Michael Tanner for this spiritual story! He is a community Artist living in Swansea, South Wales.

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