The Daisy and Selfishness – Spiritual Story by Paulo Coelho

“I am a daisy in a field of daisies,” thought the flower. “Amidst others, it is impossible to notice my beauty.”

An angel heard what she was thinking and commented:

But you are so pretty!

I want to be the only one!

In order not to hear any complaints, the angel carried her off to a city square.

Some days later, the mayor went there with a gardener to make some changes to the square. There is nothing of interest here. Dig up the earth and plant geraniums, he said.

Hold on a minute! cried out the daisy. You'll kill me if you do that!

If there were some others like you, we could make some nice decoration, answered the mayor. But there are no daisies to be found around here, and you on your own do not make a garden.

Then he tore the flower from the ground.

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian author who has sold more than 100 million books, which include 14 short story collections and the novel “The Alchemist.”

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