Story of an Assistance

My story took place more than a couple years ago, and the long term effects of the greeting was pivotal to my development. At the time, I was getting easily burnt out from work and I was at the mercy of the cycle of falling from grace on Monday and beginning my climb towards grace on Friday night.

One Saturday, I was trying to calm down from a busy work-week and to find some inspiration to make music. I remained in a funky state throughout the day and I began to get frustrated, my emotions got caught in a knot. That evening, I woke up from a nightmare that admonished me not to bring any more negative energy into this world. I sat up in bed and asked internally for help, as I had done repeatedly throughout the day without a discernible answer. After about a half hour of oscillating between frustration and prayer I finally sensed an external presence.

There was a feeling of slight pressure at the top of my head, the position of the crown chakra or violet-ray energy center. I quickly arrested all my thoughts to be aware of what was happening. I audially hallucinated the following words:

“We request permission to perceive this instrument.” [the word ‘instrument' denotes a channeler]

Seemingly instantaneously, another voice answered that sounded like me but was much softer. I guessed that it was my inner self: “You are perceiving this instrument.”

I remained still and simply waited for something to happen. Nothing apparent seemed to occur, although I continued to feel the slight pressure on the top of my head.

Over time, this sensation faded and I went back to thinking my usual thoughts. But, I was able to do so much more fluidly, and I now believe that the help I received was a balancing and/or unblocking of my energy centers. I started to glimpse the reasons behind the specific type of catalysts I had been experiencing at work, to behold their poetic nature, so to speak. I went to sleep and had a prophetic dream:

I was at my desk at work which now had a large sign that was labeled the number “5” (in the Ra Material, the number 5 denotes a level of vibration corresponding to freely given communication, which also applies to myself as a musician). Two people came into the office and they started rearranging where people sat; instead of sitting in my usual spot beside a window and a view, they moved me to a closed cubicle. I became quite angry but the two people simply stared back without emotion or negative intent in their faces, and they seemed to represent very straightforward, average-looking people. Over time I interpreted this to mean that there was no divine order behind the contemporary workplace being so energy- and time-consuming. that this was simply the product of combined free will.

Monday came around and I was sitting at my desk pondering the events of the weekend. I was marveling at the beauty of life's catalyst and how they affected the movement of my psyche in ways that were enriching and downright poetic. I thought to myself that I'm ready and capable of whatever comes my way, and not a few minutes later did I hear my boss yell for me from across the office. It turned out he was on a conference call with a client and he demanded that the project I was working on be finished in half the time it would normally take.

When I went out for lunch that day, I saw a truck with a large sign that said “PIVOT: The Turning Point in Office Interiors”.

Over the next month, I averaged 50-60 hours per week. Having had a dream which prophesied my increased workload at the job, I was more capable of accepting and affirming my situation. I was also thus given the opportunity to focus entirely on balancing my frustrations at work since there was no hope for any other aspirations.

Near the end of my project's completion, I worked through the weekend. Sunday evening came around and I remember a very powerful sunset. Having spent the last two days by myself in the office, I was left alone with my own energy and the space around me started to take on the air of being sacred. Gradually, the objects in my surroundings became more and more expressive, putting on a collective smile.

This expressiveness with time turned into an actual glow of life resonating from everything around me, so that the world felt fully alive. And finally, this living-ness began to exude love, a love that bloomed with bliss. I slipped into a form of ecstasy. And I remained in that place of bliss in varying degrees while I worked.

The long term result was that the office had transformed into a sacred place and from then on I've been able to psychologically revisit a milder form of such a state at will whenever things got too hectic and this helped me accept and enjoy my job from that

Makram Abu-Shakra is a San Francisco based writer, musician, and artist, born in Lebanon in 1971. Most of Makram's work can be found either at http://www.shiftingshadow.net and http://shiftingshadow.blogspot.com

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