He could hardly walk. He was carrying an unseen burden.

His feet were heavy, as if there were a million passages clung to his tired shoes. His heart was heavy, as if a million sinful thoughts were stuffed into his intentions. His eyes were heavy, as if a million repentant tears flooded the gates of his life. His hands were heavy, as if holding a million-page book of decaying deeds. His head was heavy, as if a million evil plans were stuck in his tomorrow. His lips were heavy, as if a million complaints buzzed in silence.

With so much burden — that slowed down his speed to redemption — he entered the sacred place.

God was waiting for him since long — they talked.

When he came out, he went away flying.

From Pakistan, Amir Saleem is a creative writer by profession. He loves writing short stories; as he has been writing fiction for 12 years now. To date, he has never written anything he didn't strongly associate with. Currently he is managing an online literary magazine (Libre Magazine) at www.libremagazine.com

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