Mr. Cowboy, Will You Please Feed My Statue?

A Brahmin once requested to his colleague, cowboy to offer worship and food to his God's statue in his absence, because he was taking leave for one week. The cowboy agreed to offer worship and food for his statue established in his hut; he then left for his tour.

According to Brahmin's request he prepared four chapattis, two for God's statue and two for him in his evening dinner. He offered, worship with two chapattis to the God's statue with full regard and respect and prayed that your lord today his devotee Brahmin had gone for his one week holiday, according his request he offered his worship and food for him kindly accept it.

The statue did not respond, so the cowboy said said that until the statue accepted its food, he would not eat his either. The cowboy went to bed hungry that night and slept with empty stomach.

The next morning, he prepared breakfast with full interest for the God's statue and for himself again offered the statue its breakfast. He asked the statue to kindly accept breakfast. Again, the statue did not respond.

He again said that he will not eat until the statue eats. The previous breakfast, lunch, and dinner remained as well. Again, he was hungry the entire day and night. His determination was very powerful.

The cowboy's heart calls out to God.

He wondered why God would not accept the food he has been so graciously offered. The cowboy shared how he has suffered for three days now.

On the third day when he offered breakfast, two chapattis were there and ate by God's statue. When he saw that God's statue accepted his offering, worship, and food, the cowboy really became delighted. He also ate breakfast with the statue in a cheerful mood. From then on, every offering of his was accepted by the God's statue. This made him believe that the God's statue had accepted all his offerings.

After one week when the Brahmin came he asked if the cowboy had offered food and worship to his God's statue. The cowboy shared that the statue went hungry until just two days ago, and that he refused to eat as well until the statue ate.

The Brahmin was confused because he had offered his worship and food for the last 30 years, and God's statue had never accepted his offerings until today. He was truly impressed by the heartful devotion of cowboy. His way of offering was truly so innocent with firm faith and belief.

BK Surat Singh Ayer has been on a path of spirituality for several decades, and in June 1985 he decided to devote his life to the Brahma Kumaries international Institution for the service of humanity. He has traveled to many countries to organize exhibitions, campaigns, rallies and fairs about different inner change topics. He has written spiritual stories, translated spiritual books, written spiritual songs, and recorded meditation audios.

He has received medals and other awards from His Majesty, then King Birendra Bir Birkam Shah Dev of Nepal, for his contributions in social services and moral uplifting of the people. He has had His majesty the Kings, Queens and other royal family members of Nepal present at his services.

BK Surat Singh Ayer has also met His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Sri-Sri 1008 Shankaracharya, Mahamandleshwars The Secretary General of United States, as well as Prime Ministers, Speakers of both the houses, Chief Justices and other Ministers of India and Nepal.

He continues to provide his services at Brahma Kumaries Shanti Sarovar, Academy for a Better World in Hyderabad, South India, and maintains his strong interest in meditation, studying spiritual knowledge, and sharing experiences of deep spirituality through correspondence and other means.

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