A Whole New Mission

British Intelligence, London, August 1945. Small room with dark cherry walls and no windows. Eight Navy officers are sitting at a big table and looking down at the world map. Their faces seem tired, for they've spent all their stressful day here. The chief is walking around the table.

“… just one more minute, gentlemen, and I'll let you go. Although the war is over, the US nuclear attack on Japan made us re-evaluate a lot of our concepts. Here is the last one. Just think for a minute and tell me, what do you all live for?” The chief walks another round and stops in front of one young officer, “Captain Jones?” The officer quickly jumps up.
“To serve His Majesty and Great Britain, Sir!”
“Good soldier… Anyone who wants to make the same point, just raise your hands. Good… Major Wilson?” The major stands up and points his deep eyes to the chief.
“Excuse me, Sir, I have a different reason for living. I live just to enjoy my life.”
“It makes sense. Now, everyone is dismissed, except you, major Wilson. I'd ask you to stay.”

After the chief locks the door behind the last officer, he pours two cups of coffee and sits down next to the major. “You know what I like about you, major? You don't lie to yourself.”
“Thank you, Sir…”
“Don't mention it. I looked through your file. You've spent 5 years in battleships in Mediterranean, then 5 years in submarines, sank a lot of Germans yet managed to stay alive. His Majesty himself realized how smart you are and decided to transfer you to reconnaissance. I wonder why you agreed?”
“I've never dreamt of it before, Sir, but once offered, I accepted it at will, because it's so exciting to derive and learn secrets about your enemy.”
“Exactly! That's why I want to delegate the whole new mission to you. Soon, you'll discover some more secrets, but not about your enemy — about yourself. And the most important of them is how to enjoy your life to the maximum extent possible.”

Major's deep eyes open wide. The chief puts his hand on major's shoulder, “Relax, I am not trying to catch you on your own words. I educated three generations of spies, and no one have told me the truth about his motives for living. Not because they lied — they simply didn't know the answer. I have been looking for you, and you came in just at the right time. All these officers went to their vacation. They think they deserve it. You pack your stuff tonight, and wait for my people to come. They will take you to a battleship that departs to Palestine tomorrow.”
“Sir, aren't we giving up on that area in a couple of years?”
“Yes, we are, but you are staying there.”
“As an agent?”
“That's what I'll report to the upper command and to his Majesty. But indeed, you'll have a completely different mission. One part of it is to discover yourself. The other part you'll learn when you get there. I know you served there before, are you OK with the languages?”
“Yes Sir, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew.”

The chief lays a map on the table. “Perfect. You land here. Dress like an arab. From the ship, take a canoe on a rainy night. There will be a donkey loaded with food and water to last a week. No one should see you landing except that donkey. If you see two people around, don't land until they leave. They are supposed to bring in the donkey but not to see you. Then you make your way to Jerusalem.”
“But Sir, once our soldiers leave that city there will be nothing but hell!”
The chief lightly slaps major's shoulder again, “You told me the truth, and I trust you. Now, I am telling you the truth, and could you please trust me too? Yes there will be a big fight and a very poor life. But believe me, it's the only place to find the answers to your questions. In Jerusalem, look for a person named Baal Sulam. He'll tell you what to do next. I bet he'll send you to the United States after a few years of studies. This country has a great potential. Americans are proud and just people, they really like enjoying their lives, and they don't hide it. Yet, they have a lot to learn…”
“I'll go there, Sir.”

The chief smiles, “I bet you'll miss England. But you can't even imagine how much you'll miss the land of Palestine after you come to the US. Anyway, you'll never see me again. Any questions?”
“One of our reports says Baal Sulam is doing something extremely important for the mankind, but it doesn't really explain what it is.”
“That's all we know about him”, the chief chuckles, “British Intelligence only claims it knows everything. You'll have to find it out on your own and explain to the americans. What else?”
“Documents, Sir.”
“Take your British passport. That won't surprise anyone. Besides, in this game, you have to play yourself. But arrive incognito; it's my order.”
“Yes, Sir! No more questions.”
The major folds the map and hides it into his briefcase. Both sit quietly for a minute or two, sipping their coffee. A short admiral with wrinlkes all over his face, grey hair and beard, and a tall gorgeous major. The chief looks at his watch, “Time's up.” Both stand up at once. Major Wilson gives a salut. The chief smiles and comes closer. “Forget all these formalities, son. In two weeks, you'll live in a whole new world!” The chief shakes major's hand and suddenly gives him a hug. “Now go. Good luck, son.”

A few hours later, a car stops by a pier in a foggy fiord. A man gets out of the car, takes his backpack and runs to the big grey ship with no name, just a number. The ship quietly takes off, no hooter, no lights…

We don't know what happened to major Wilson later, if he ever made it to America or even to Jerusalem. But we know what Baal Sulam could have taught him. We can even learn it ourselves, right here.

This story was written by Daniel K. who is a Kabbalah student of Bnei Baruch. To learn more about Kabbalah, you can visit Kabbalah.info

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