Shamanic Healing To Transform Your Negative Thoughts – With Sandra Ingerman

The most important spiritual teachings are the ones that stay with us every day of our lives.

Shamanism teaches us to open our eyes and hearts to a world that is alive and full of spirit. The practice of transfiguration, or “healing with spiritual light,” has its roots in shamanism – yet it is just as relevant and accessible to people from any spiritual background.

Transfiguration puts us in contact with the light of our true divine nature. Once you make the shift of consciousness to recognize the essence of who you are, everything changes.

During this free training, Master Teacher Sandra Ingerman helps you make that shift from everyday awareness into a place of connection with your true self.

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You'll learn how to:

✅ Awaken the true source of healing energy within you using the practice of transfiguration
✅ Connect with spirit helpers and natural forces with shamanic ceremonies
✅ Be of service to your dreams, your community, and the world

Here's how Sandra describes the process of transfiguration that she teaches:

“With the process of transfiguration, you do not try to heal the environment, a community, loved ones, clients, the Earth, and so on. You experience your own divine light and let it radiate like a star.

“In this practice, we do not perceive people or the planet as sick and toxic. We instead perceive all of life in its strength and as spiritual light. Focusing on the light in others empowers their own process of healing. When we radiate our light and perceive all of life and the Earth as light, healing happens. It is quite an extraordinary process.”

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Sandra is one of the world’s most respected teachers of modern shamanism. After a dozen books and 30 years of teaching workshops and courses, there is one practice that she is most passionate about – and it has become the core of her teaching.

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