Pride Comes Before Fall – A Buddhist Zen Story

Once upon a time there lived a dwarf who was learned, wise and skilled in archery. Little did anyone know that he was actually the Bodhisattva. He was called Little Archer.

Knowing well that his appearance would hinder him from getting a job with the king, Little Archer made a pact with a strongly built man called Fear Maker to seek employment as the king’s archer while he would carry out the real work.

They would then divide the pay equally among themselves. Things worked out as Little Archer had planned and Fear Maker became the king’s chief archer. With Little Archer’s advice, Fear Maker managed to kill a man-eating beast and a ravaging bull for the king.

This earned him a lot of praise. But success made Fear Maker proud and he no longer heeded Little Archer or his advice.

One day Fear Maker was asked to fight a large enemy army and he could not do it. He had to seek Little Archer’s help who defeated the enemy easily and was suitably rewarded by the king.

Fear Maker realized his mistake and went back to his village.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!