The Power of Awareness – With Jack Kornfield And Tara Brach

We've all had this kind of day—for whatever reason, you're feeling “down.” You're irritable, sad, distracted, or just plain grumpy.

And then someone you come into contact with—a coworker, your partner, a stranger at the grocery store—seems to see through all of that.

When this happens, it's almost like they see past all of the uncomfortable layers, all the way into your heart. They see the goodness in you.

It's refreshing. And it's liberating.

Join Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach as they team up for a three-part, free video teaching mini-class. In it, you'll learn:

  • How to develop “loving kindness” and see the inner beauty of those around you
  • How to expand your “Circle of Affection”—don’t forget to include yourself!
  • How to overcome negative self-talk, the unconscious “trance of unworthiness,” and other limiting beliefs
  • How to honor suffering in your own life with awareness and compassion

In the first video, beloved mindfulness teacher Jack Kornfield offers insights on what it means to see the goodness in others. What sort of impact can it have on that person—and yourself?

In the second, Tara Brach talks about why self-compassion is such an important aspect of our ability to be open-hearted and at peace in our lives.

Finally, Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield come together to share some of their “Big Insights” on the spiritual path.

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The Present Moment – For Spiritual Growth

The present moment is the place from which your entire reality is created. Your relationships, home life, work, and experiences all spring forth from your thoughts, feelings, and actions that occur in a string of infinite moments.

However, most of us live our lives running from task to task, distraction to distraction.

We wake up each morning with an endless list of “to-dos” and go to sleep feeling like we didn’t accomplish anything meaningful.

We meet and interact with many people throughout our day but yearn for a deeper sense of connection and intimacy. We are tossed around by the ups and downs of our emotions and the events of our lives and accept this as “normal.”

And even though we have the intention to take time for ourselves and to meditate, these often get put at the bottom of our lists because life simply takes over … but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

When you understand the transformative, healing power of mindful awareness, you dramatically shift the experience of your life, the people in it, and the world itself.

  • Are you open to fully living in a state of peace and joy, moment to moment?
  • Are you ready to feel truly vibrant and alive and let go of the negativity and blockages that have held you back?
  • Are you ready to create the life and existence you know is possible and waiting for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we welcome to The Power of Awareness.

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About Your Teachers – Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach

Tara Brach holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and teaches meditation internationally. Founder and senior teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC (IMCW), Tara is the author of the bestselling Radical Acceptance and her latest book, Radical Compassion. Tara's weekly podcasts are downloaded over 3 million times each month.

Jack Kornfield has been teaching meditation globally since 1974 and is one of the key teachers to introduce mindfulness practices to the West. He is co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, and the Spirit Rock Center in Woodacre, California. His 16 books have sold 1.5 million copies. He is a father, husband, and holds a PhD in clinical psychology.

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