Teachings Of A Father – A Spiritual Story by Osho

Your belief will always find that which it wants to find. Belief is very selective. I have heard….

The boy had been brought into court again charged with stealing auto hubcaps. The magistrate determined to appeal to his father: “See here,” said the judge. “This boy of yours has been in this court many times charged with theft, and I am tired of seeing him here.”

“I don’t blame you, Judge,” said the father. “And I am just as tired of seeing him here as you are.”

“Then why don’t you teach him how to act? Show him the right way and he will not be coming here.”

“I have already shown him the right way,” said the father, “but he just does not seem to have any talent for learning. He always gets caught!”

Now, the right way is different for the judge and for the father. The father himself is a thief. He also wants the boy to learn ‘the right way’ so that he is never caught again. But his right way is HIS right way.

Osho – “The Discipline of Transcendence”