Life After Death

The Bodhisattva, living amidst all the comforts of heaven, was always keen to help those suffering on earth. Angadinna, the king of Videha, nursed a false notion that there was no afterlife and indulged in immoral acts fearing no retribution. The Bodhisattva noted that this otherwise good king had gone astray due to bad companions. Their words had made the king lose interest in charity and religion.

The Bodhisattva decided to set things right. He felt that King Angadinna should be shown the truth. So the Bodhisattva came down to earth to give him advice and recite sermons. The king was amazed to see the resplendent beauty of the Bodhisattva and realized that, contrary to his belief, there existed a life after death during which a person’s actions were judged and punished or rewarded accordingly.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!