Let Go And Welcome Change, Embracing the Unknown – With Pema Chodron

How have you been feeling lately? Uneasy? Distracted? Lost and confused?

You're far from alone. At this moment, we wouldn't be surprised if you're also feeling between. Between political moments; between opinions on public health; perhaps even between jobs. So many of us feel stuck in an unpredictable and sometimes frightening era.

It's natural to be afraid during uncertain times—but according to beloved Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön, this sense of chaotic restlessness isn't actually some unprecedented phenomenon. In Buddhist thought, all times are uncertain ones

If you've been feeling anxious about the state of the world, we invite you to join Ani Pema for a FREE teaching session to discuss how we can live well even in groundless times. 

Pema will help you in understanding that the moments between moments contain the most potential for positive change

No matter how “normal” a period may feel, that normal is already changing and dissolving by the time you cling to it. And for Ani Pema, there is immense value in recognizing this inherent groundlessness of life.

This is your opportunity to hear Pema and Tami Simon in conversation about dealing with uncertainty and fear.

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